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What Have You Read? The Dymocks Top 101 Books For 2020

on April 7, 2020

So every year Australian bookstore chain Dymocks hold a vote for our favourite books. It’s an eclectic mix generally, of new releases and old faves. There’s always something surprising in there and I always like seeing what I’ve read, what I’d like to read, what I hadn’t maybe thought about reading until now. You can get a printable or eCopy to tick off yours here.

So obviously I ticked the ones I’ve read which is 56 of the 101 – look, I did “cheat” a little bit. I ticked The Rosie trilogy even though I’ve only read 2/3, The Six of Crow duology even though I’ve only read 1/2 and the Nevermoor series even though I’ve so far only read 1. The ones with a green dot beside them are ones I want to read some day and the ones with a purple dot beside them are books I already own or have in my possession but I have not yet read. You can click on it for a bigger version in order to see what those are better.

I think the thing that surprised me the most was that The Book Thief was equal number 1. Not that it isn’t a wonderful book – it definitely is. I am surprised that it was so high as sometimes a lot of people vote for the books that are freshest in their mind that they loved. Obviously The Book Thief has made a really lasting impression on a lot of Australian readers who continue to vote for it, year after year or lots of new people are still finding it to read. I absolutely adored Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine so I’m thrilled to see it so high. Boy Swallows Universe was only published last year I think, so it’s obviously made a powerful impression on a lot of people. It won a swag of literary awards as well – I had borrowed it from the library but had to return it before I had a chance to read it. I do intend to still read it – I’ve seen a lovely hardcover copy that I might purchase at some stage. The author’s next book, All Our Shimmering Skies will be out later this year and I’m expecting that to be big.

There’s a few books on this list that I have on my shelves at home, that I’ve actually mentioned recently in terms of potentially using this time of self-isolation etc, to finally get around to reading them. One is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara which I probably bought in 2015 or 2016, so that’s been kicking around on the shelves for a while now. It’s intimidating though, especially because a lot of people have mentioned that the content is emotionally quite traumatic and…well, are things not traumatic enough right now? I also purchased All The Light We Cannot See at the beginning of the year after having wanted to read it for a long time as well and maybe I need to finally read Lion: A Long Way Home so that I can watch the movie I recorded on my satellite tv harddrive about four years ago. I also borrowed The Dutch House from my local library before it closed.

I don’t always pay a lot of attention to lists etc but I know some people enjoy having a bit of direction in reading, when it can feel overwhelming trying to choose something. In fact I know someone who used to collect lists just like this one and then make her way through them until she’d read everything on it. And at the moment, I kind of understand being directionless – I have books to read, plenty of them, but I can’t always make a decision about what to read next! Things like this can give a bit of focus if needed or suggest books that you might not have thought of or been aware of. It can be a good way to find new reads that people are talking about. And there’s a little something for everyone here – classics, popular fiction, non fiction, YA, autobiographies, historical fiction, sci-fi/fantasy etc.

How many have you read? Is there something that you should think should be there and isn’t? Let me know!




8 responses to “What Have You Read? The Dymocks Top 101 Books For 2020

  1. Mic says:

    I haven’t read nearly enough of them… but I do have some on my shelf

  2. celinelingg says:

    Even though you tick the boxes for the books you haven’t read the complete series yet, you still read a lot!

  3. Boy Swallows Universe and The Dutch House come highly recommended by me!

  4. Marg says:

    I’ve read 39 of them which kind of surprises me given that I haven’t really read that much over the last few years! The Book Thief is a perennial favourite on these lists.

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