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1 girl….2 many books!

It Was Worth It In The End…. (I Think!)

Please meet….

The bookcase from HELL!

Why is it the bookcase from hell? Wellllllll it arrived in 13 pieces with about two hundred screws/bolts/wooden pegs/other things of which I do not know and no instructions whatsoever. Oh yes, that’s right. Not a single solitary piece of paper to tell you how this monstrosity might be best put together. It’s over six feet tall and over three feet wide and let me tell you, it’s made up of HEAVY parts. I know because I dropped the top of it on my foot. Well actually, it was propped up on it’s side and I knocked it over onto my foot. And I thought my foot was broken for about a week. It went black and purple and hurt like a bitch. Actually still hurts now if I poke it.

So, putting this together proved to be interesting. It almost caused a divorce between my fiance and I and we’re not even married yet. Eventually I washed my hands of it and went in another room and pretended it didn’t exist anymore and Rob continued hammering bits into place and shoving other bits into place and pretending he knew which screws/bolts/other things I don’t know about went where and eventually, it was as it is now. I am however, a little concerned about  this:

They’re the screws/bolts/things I don’t know about that are left over after the bookcase is up. Haha, I hope they’re like, spares or something…. but somehow I don’t think so!

So, anyway. Onto the actual bookcase. Once it was up I took possession of it once again and loved it and claimed it as mine. I figured out it houses roughly 35ish books per shelf, at 6 shelves that’s about 210 books. That leaves about four hundred books that are currently still homeless and living in piles in one of the bedrooms. So we need another two more for them. Plus another one for future books. At $350 each, it may be a while before we acquire them all. Or we also may try to find another version that comes with a frickin idea of how to put it together without killing each other.

Top shelf… consists of entirely TBR books, including The Handmaid’s Tale for Trish’s read-along challenge starting next week.

Second shelf, also all TBR books. Couple for challenges…The Heather Blazing for my What’s In A Name?3 Challenge, Frozen Tracks and Black Mamba Boy are for my Global Challenge 2010. I also dug out Captain Corelli’s Mandolin to have a second go at after reading Shannon’s review recently. She’s convinced me I should go back and give it another shot and actually make it past the first 50 pages. I also have the last book of the Millennium Trilogy which I have been reluctant to start as I’m just not ready to let go of the series yet.

Third shelf… majority are TBR except for the 2 Larsson books, the Irving novel, the Sookie Stackhouse novel and from Middlesex to the end of the shelf. They’re all books I want to read again soon.

Fourth shelf… First half of the shelf is TBR the second half is starting on books that I own and like and wanted to have close by rather than in piles still.

Fifth & sixth shelves… mostly series books. Sometimes I want to read just 1 of a series and it’s easy to have them all together so I can find them rather than having to look around for the exact one that I want. There’s also a bit of room down the bottom so I can rearrange things again when I start getting orders from The Book Depository.

I need to come up with some sort of method of reading my TBR books. At the moment they’re all just there intimidating me with their sheer numbers. Any ideas?

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