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June Reading Wrap Up

on July 1, 2022

Total Books Read: 18
Fiction: 17
Non-Fiction: 1
Library Books: 3
Books On My TBR List: 6
Books in a Series: 4
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 12
Male/Female Authors: 
Kindle Books: 1
Books I Owned or Bought: 6
Favourite Book(s): The Last Summer by Karen Swan, The Dance Tree by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Coast by Eleanor Limprecht, Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi, The Making Of Her by Bernadette Jiwa, Circe by Madeline Miller, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman,
Least Favourite Books: Nothing below a 3/5 this month!
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 7

I feel like June definitely gave me my reading mojo back! May was such a sad reading month and I had my final two essays due in the first 9 days of June and I got them submitted without too much drama. I did write one of them in basically a day (it was only 1000 words) and then edited and subbed it on the morning of the day it was due but the other one (which was 2500 words) I had already written a draft of and I spent about 3 days editing that one. It’s worth 50% of my grade and without it I was sitting on 47.5/50 so I wanted to do as well as I could on it. My marks actually get uploaded today so fingers crossed!

Not only did I read quite a bit in June but I read a lot of really really good books! I rated one 5/5 (A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman), I had 6 that I rated 4.5/5 and a further 7 that were 4/5 and the lowest I rated a book this month was 3/5 which was amazing. I was talking to my husband and my friend Theresa about this streak and no one’s sure if part of it was just me being so glad to be reading again and enjoying reading and being able to choose books that I knew I’d enjoy but whatever. I’ll take it.

Challenge check in time!

Read Non Fiction Challenge: 2/6 

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge: 32/15

Aussie Author Challenge: 5/12

My 22 in 2022: 8/22

I made some improvement in my 22 in 2022 Challenge in June! I really tried to prioritise that one a bit – I read 3 books towards it and all of them were excellent! Hopefully I can read a couple more in July and get myself to that halfway point in the challenge.

Onto the July TBR!

These are the books I have received from publishers that have July release dates – it’s not likely I will get through them all so I am intending to hopefully read about half this month and save some for another time. I do know that the Kate Forsyth book will probably be the first one I pick up because I do really love all of her novels. I’ve also heard some pretty good things about The Brightest Star by Emma Harcourt so I’ll try to get to that one as well. Sixty-Seven Days sounds amazing and is also one of the choices for the Rachael Johns Online Book Club (for which I am an admin). I’ve only read one Karin Slaughter before but I really loved it so I think I’ll definitely have that one quite high on my list as well. Apart from that though, I’m not sure what else might make it into my reading this month.

I hadn’t bought any books for some time so I did have a little splurge recently – I ordered all of these and some of them will definitely be picked up in July.

I am excited about all of these obviously as I bought them but I think Elektra, Mad About You and You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty are the three I am most hoping to read in July.

Also…one more book intended for reading in July:

The new Netflix adaptation of Persuasion drops this month and I definitely want to do a re-read. The past 2 months I have read one of my new clothbound hardcover classics and both of those were books I had no read. I have read Persuasion (a couple of times actually, but not for over a decade) and it’s long overdue.

I’m probably being a little ambitious for July but I figure I should while I have the time! It’s super cold and miserable at the moment, even when it’s sunny it’s freezing. And it’s predicted to rain most of next week – excellent reading weather.

I hope you all had a great reading June. Feel free to leave me any recommendations if you’ve read something on either of my piles.

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