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Top 10 Tuesday May 3

on May 3, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Top 10 Tuesday! Originally created by The Broke & the Bookish, TTT now lives with Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and features a different book related topic or theme each week. This week we are talking…..

One Word Reviews For The Last 10 Books I Read

Meet Me In The Margins by Melissa Ferguson


Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon


A Bookshop Christmas by Rachel Burton


Doomsday Book by Connie Willis


A Caravan Like A Canary by Sasha Wasley


Sister Stardust by Jane Green


The Tea Room On The Bay by Rachel Burton


Honor by Thrity Umrigar


How To Lose An Earl In 10 Weeks by Jenni Fletcher


Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones


This was so interesting to do! I actually really struggled to come up with one concise word for some of them, because I wanted to convey a bit more. Did any of these one word descriptions make you want to read the book? Have you read one of these and if so do you agree or disagree with the word I chose? Let me know!


43 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday May 3

  1. Anne Bennett says:

    I read Mister Pip several years ago and was pretty shocked by it. I thought this was a fun activity though I had a hard time limiting myself to just one word (and sort of failed at it a few times.) One Word Reviews

  2. Literary Feline says:

    I haven’t read Honor yet, but traumatizing describes just about all Umrigar’s books, I think. And oh how I love them! Meet Me in the Margins sounds cute so I am glad it was. I look forward to reading that one. I enjoyed your one word reviews. Thank you!

    • I’ll keep that in mind, that traumatising is a recurring theme, if I read any of her other books. But Honor was amazing, I just need to be aware that it’s probably going to scar me permanently if I read any others, again.

  3. Ah, sad to see Sister Stardust was just mediocre. I hadn’t heard of it before now but the cover piqued my interest! IPB is definitely bonkers but I find the books wildly entertaining! 🤣 Great one-word reviews!

    • If you love hedonistic stories of what famous people get up to in terms of drug consumptions and orgies, then you might like Sister Stardust a lot more than I did! I just found a lot of it very tedious and it didn’t at all explain why one character was so charismatic. I did very much enjoy IPB – sometimes you need something bonkers just for 100% pure fun.

  4. Love bonkers as a description!

  5. Is “bonkers” good or bad? Haha this was a hard one for me too!

    • Generally good but in a pretty crazy/out there way! I actually quite enjoyed IPB – I will continue with the series, although there’s a lot of them and I’m not sure if they’ll manage to keep from being repetitive.

  6. Bonkers for Ice Planet Barbarians? Now I’m intrigued for sure. I had to look the word “tumultuous” up now. Ha, new word for Wondrous Words Wednesday!

    Happy TTT!

    Elza Reads

  7. Susan Legg says:

    Phew, am about to start reading & your comment was “enjoyable”. Better than bonkers!!

  8. Marg says:

    I did one word – and then felt the need to explain myself!

    I did enjoy this topic though.

  9. Emily Jane says:

    I struggled with just one word! I like the covers of these books so together with the one word it helps. I want to read Meet Me In The Margins.

    Happy TTT!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    • I thought I would struggle with the one word but I found it surprisingly freeing haha. Meet Me In The Margins is really cute but I did want some more romance!

      • Emily Jane says:

        I think I over thought it. Maybe next time I’ll just go with the flow 😂 I enjoyed it though and was pleased with my post 😂 interesting.

  10. Astilbe says:

    I’m so curious about Mister Pip.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    • Mister Pip is very interesting, set in a place that is definitely underrepresented in fiction and during a war but also has the issue of being written by a white man using the perspective of a young girl native of Bougainville Island.

  11. louisesreadingcorner says:

    Love the seasonal read in there!

  12. Bonkers isn’t what I probably would have picked for Ice Planet Barbarians, but it works! Haha

  13. I definitely struggled with one word, because then I wanted to explain why I’d picked that word!
    My TTT:

  14. Michael says:

    Doomsday Book is so good. I really like Connie Willis.

  15. Meet Me in the Margins sounds so cute! Here is my post-

  16. I couldn’t agree more with you on Ice Planet Barbarians it was bonkers, but very intriguing! lol

  17. Cassie says:

    Cute and bonkers are for sure one-word reviews that are intriguing me about the books!

  18. Marianna says:

    I would like to read Ice Planet Barbarians just to see how bonkers it is.

    My TTT:

    • Your mileage for bonkers may vary but there’s definitely a lot of suspension of disbelief required for these ones. It was a fun read though and I’m going to read the next one

  19. Cindy Davis says:

    Great descriptions, really enjoyed bonkers!

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