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Top 10 Tuesday 7th December

on December 7, 2021

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Top 10 Tuesday! Hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, it features a different bookish-related topic each week. This week is a freebie and honestly, I swear I can think of so many freebie topics when it’s not a freebie week but as soon as it is one, my mind just goes blank. I need to start writing these down or something.

In 2022, I plan to go through my what I call “long term TBR” which is 2 bookcases containing the books I’ve owned for over a year and not read yet and decide if I really want to keep each one or if there are some I’ll just never read. So as a precursor to that, today’s topic is just going to be:

10 Random Books From My TBR Bookcase

The Tears Of Dark Water by Corban Addison. Published 2015.

So I’ve had this one almost 7 years! I know little about it except that some of it takes place in Somalia which is probably why it’s still on my shelf as I love books that are set in African countries. I just looked this up on Goodreads and it actually sounds really good so I’m absolutely going to have to try and make this one a priority. Maybe going onto the top shelf of my TBR bookcase when I get around to cataloguing them and rearranging them in order of priority!

The Deliverance Of Evil by Roberto Cosantini (translated by Nigel Thompson) Published 2014

Okay. Had this one almost 8 years now! It’s the first in an Italian series, dual timeline: 1982 and 2006. A police psychological thriller. I’m on the fence about keeping this one! On one hand, I’ve not read an Italian police procedural before and that’s something different. On the other, I don’t own the other books in the trilogy and I don’t intend to read books from this long term TBR just to buy more! That’s not how I want this to work. We’ll see. On the “maybe” pile for now. It does seem to have pretty good reviews.

Opal Dragonfly by Julian Leatherdale. Published 2018

I have all three of Julian Leatherdale’s books and have read (and really enjoyed) one of them. Sadly he has now passed away but I still have this one and another on my TBR shelf to read. I intend to get to both of them, so they’ll definitely survive my reorganisation project!

Swords And Crowns And Rings by Ruth Park. Published 2021 (originally 1977).

Ruth Park was born in NZ but lived most of her life in Australia which is always enough for Australia to claim someone as our own. And Ruth Park? Is an Australian institution. Generations of school kids have grown up reading her novels: My Sister Sif, Playing Beatie Bow, The Harp In The South, The Muddle Headed Wombat. Chances are if you went to school here, you have read at least something by Ruth Park. I actually forgot I owned this book, a re-issued Text Classic. I bought a bunch of these when they started coming out by authors like Ruth Park, Elizabeth Jolley, Miles Franklin, to name just a few. I’ve never read this particular Ruth Park book but I’ll definitely be keeping it and I would love to find time to get to it in 2022 – it will actually fit nicely into one of my reading challenges.

Citadel by Kate Mosse. Published 2011.

I remember buying this – it’s technically listed as third in a series which is why I haven’t read it before now because I had intended to acquire the other two but I think it can possibly also be read as a stand alone. I’ll definitely keep this one.

Dead Girls Dancing by Graham Masterton Published 2017

Okay this book has survived several culls maybe based on cover and/or synopsis alone and I have either not bothered to investigate further or I did years ago and forgot but this is book #8 in a series. I have read none of the other books. I’ve never even heard of the series and I’m going to assume it’s pretty decent if there’s 8 of them but I have no interest in adding 7 more books to my TBR to get this one read so it’s going to end up in the donate pile!

Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak Published 2014 (originally 1957)

I have an entire shelf of classics, most of which are unread. I have the best of intentions and I love collecting nice versions of the ones I want to read. I just have to get around to actually reading them and this is one of the ones that I really want to read. I also have the movie to watch as well, but I don’t want to do that until after I’ve read this. I need to choose a few to prioritise for 2022 – any more than that and I feel overwhelmed by them.

Stormbird (also Trinity & Bloodline) by Conn Iggulden Published 2013

The publisher sent me the first 3 books in this series but I never got around to reading them but I liked the sound of them so they ended up on the long term TBR shelf. There’s a fourth book, which I do not own and I’m honestly torn between just moving these on (after all it’s been nearly eight years since this one was released) or finding the 4th book and giving them a go. See, this is why I’m bad at culling! I do like the sound of these and I do actually know a little bit about this time period so I wouldn’t be going in completely blind!

Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant Published 2013

I remember buying this at the Melbourne Writers Festival (probably in 2013 I guess?) after seeing the author at an event there and every time I remember that I own this, I am so excited about it and it always seems so good. But I never seem to actually pick it up which is part of the reason I am doing this cull and rearrange, to make some of these books that I own more visible. The theory is if I see them more often, I’ll actually be tempted by them when I’m looking for something in particular….. So hopefully it encourages me to read books like this, which I really am excited about owning.

City Of Mirrors by Justin Cronin Published 2016

On my shelf, I have so many final books in a series. I have this problem with finishing things. Not only this one but there’s probably half a dozen other book 3s from trilogies, book 2s from duologies, etc. I let it go so long that I probably can’t end up reading the final book without having to read the ones that came before it again first and….aint nobody got time for that.

I have about 400 books that I will be making decisions on, keep or donate, when I get around to doing this cataloguing project, probably over my kid’s summer break from school which is coming up in about 10 days! They’re off school for 6 weeks here and apparently they’re predicting a pretty crappy summer weather wise so I guess it’ll be good to have some inside things to do.

If you’ve read anything from the selection here, let me know. Keep it? Move it up on my pile? Or toss it without a second thought?! Also if you have any advice on how to be ruthless in a book cull, drop that in the comments too because that is something I definitely need!

23 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 7th December

  1. Greg says:

    I need to do that too. It’s funny how we lose interest in certain books over time or decide a book we weren’t interested in we now are!

    • Yes, I know! I definitely find that even books I buy sometimes, that I’m so excited about, my interest can wane over time and some I end up donating to friends or family unread.

  2. Anne Bennett says:

    Your book choices are like mine — all over the place! Hope you get to them soon. My TTT Freebie

  3. Diana says:

    I have the same exact problem! It’s hard to finish a series that kept you so interested 😦
    My post:

  4. Lori says:

    I need to do this with the fifty books I have on hold at the library! It’s getting impossible to keep them sorted. Good luck!

    My freebie is here:

    Happy TTT!

    • Oh you’ve just reminded me about all the books I also have on hold at the library lol. I will never find the time to read even a fraction of the books I seem to think myself capable of

  5. Steph-paigesofbooks says:

    I want to read Doctor Zhivago as well. I should try to find a copy to read and then watch the movie next year as well. Here is my post-

  6. Aymee says:

    The Deliverance of Evil looks good!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  7. It’s kind of fun to see 10 random books from someone’s bookcase. I like that idea!

  8. Laurie says:

    Oh this is such a great challenge! I haven’t heard about any of these books. Honestly, about the Italian one, only bother when the rest of this series is translated as well. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to finish a series you’re invested in. And for the others: make a TBR jar, put post-its with the names of the books on them in the jar and just pull one out each time 🙂 Good luck and enjoy!

    • Yes, definitely agree about the translation! I’ve also read series’ where they’ve translated the books into English in a different order than the original language and that is just as annoying. I’ll have to have a look to see if they have been done and if my library has any. Not sure I want to BUY more haha. Trying to reduce books on the TBR

  9. Cindy Davis says:

    There is a challenge called the Mount TBR challenge hosted by The Reader’s Block, where you essentially pick a level and read that many books from your shelf. I am doing that challenge next year and the virtual one so I am not just reading new books. My post for today:

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