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Review: Tempting Taste by Sara Whitney

on October 22, 2021

Tempting Taste (Cinnamon Roll Alphas #1)
Sara Whitney
LoveSpark Press
2021, 326p
Purchased personal copy

Blurb {from the publisher/}: When a grumpy baker and a brash marketing wiz collide, they’ll either blend perfectly… or turn into a recipe for disaster.

After a chaotic childhood, all Erik Andersson wants is peace and stability. What a shock, then, to find himself quitting on the spot after a tornado of a woman storms his workplace and exposes the toxicity of his boss. Although Erik should be focused on locking down his next gig, he instead agrees to a wild business proposal from the beautiful chaos agent intent on upending his life.

Josie Ryan spent years chasing her mother’s approval and now fills that void by wowing clients with her buzzy PR events. So when the brooding baker with the gorgeous cakes ends up jobless, Josie leaps at the chance to prove her worth by turning his talent into an empire—assuming she can work alongside a reserved hunk who charms her with every grumble.

Keep it professional. That’s the first rule of a good partnership. Soon enough, though, Josie and Erik have dropped their defensive walls to explore the potential of their sweet-and-salty relationship. But as the business grows, their clashing definitions of success threaten their happy equilibrium. Can they resolve their differences to form the perfect fusion, or will the heat force one of them out of the kitchen?

This was relatively cute but without being particularly memorable.

It’s an opposites attract sort of deal with a confident go-getter in Josie, the main female character who works in PR/marketing and is very good at what she does. She crosses paths with the hero, Erik a very big strapping Nordic Viking looking type on a train at first and then later, at a bakery where Erik works. When the owner refuses to bake a cake for Josie’s best friend, a man who is marrying another man Erik is confronted by the bigotry and he quits. He contacts Josie and offers to make the cake her best friend liked so much and in return, Josie decides she will market Erik, who is very shy and kind of taciturn and never uses more than the minimum amount of words and most of the time, no words does him just fine.

Josie is a bit of a force, she’s got some issues revolving around not feeling adequate because of her over-achieving and somewhat narcissistic mother so she’s always about proving herself and driving herself forward and Erik is sort of something of a project, yet again something to succeed at. Erik, despite his phenomenal baking talent and excellent good looks which would definitely boost his profile and draw a lot of clientele, he’s very reluctant for his image to be used or for him to do certain things revolving around publicity. Josie tends to just barrel over Erik’s wishes and decide she knows better (and although she kind of does she definitely doesn’t listen to him and this ends up resulting on one very serious blow up).

This book definitely made me want cake. A lot of cake. The flavours described just sound so delicious and who doesn’t love reading about cake and a big, handsome, muscly man who can make amazing cakes? Yes please, sign me up! Especially because Erik’s somewhat intimidating exterior hides a cinnamon roll interior (hence the name of the series!). I really liked Erik, I liked the way the book explored his background and his quiet manner and the way he was prepared to let Josie pretty much have her way with a lot of things, despite the fact that sometimes it made him uncomfortable (not every single thing, as I mentioned above, but most things). Erik trusts that she’s good at her job but I feel like he also needs to be heard as well on things that are important to him.

The chemistry between the two of them was okay – Josie was at times, a bit difficult to like because she can be really over the top sometimes. In their first scene together, she kind of goes on the attack to him even though he didn’t actually do anything other than show up and say nothing. Also her issues with her mother seep into every aspect of her life, including her romantic life and there are times it feels like Josie lashes out at Erik because he’s there (and because he can take it) rather than deal with her thing. It got a bit frustrating and made me feel somewhat sympathetic towards Erik, who had to deal with a lot of what could only be described as tantrums or meltdowns.

This was a nice read, had some funny moments and I did really enjoy Erik as a character. The book also sets up the next one in the series but honestly I’m not sure I’ll go on with them. If I happen to see a book on sale I might grab one in the future but I wasn’t blown away by this enough to actually hunt them down when I currently have so many other books to read. It was a nice, cute way to pass the time but had nothing that really made it stand out to me.


Book #179 of 2021

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