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Top 10 Tuesday October 12

on October 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to another edition of Top 10 Tuesday! Hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, it features a different bookish theme each week. This week we are talking:

Top 10 Favourite Book Settings

  1. Alaska. Probably my absolute favourite setting to read! I really enjoy the way that the seasons are so extreme and the winters last a long time and the light in summer never ends. It’s really different to where I live and it works for so many different things. I especially like reading about homesteading in Alaska or subsistence farming.
  2. Antarctica. Inject it into my veins. I love books set in Antarctica because generally the characters are doing some sort of scientific research, which is really the only reason people are there. Bonus if it’s wildlife research because penguins are my favourite animal and there are large populations of various penguins on Antarctica and nearby. Because of the way Antarctica is “divided” it also lends itself to interesting stories about espionage and war and that sort of thing.
  3. Africa. Yeah okay, Africa is big and a wildly varying continent but I’m continuing with my ‘A’ theme here for just a bit. I generally read books set in countries with game reserves, so South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, etc but I’ve read books set elsewhere in Africa and loved them. There’s a huge scope for variety in terms of setting, geography, climate etc but so many amazing possibilities in fiction.
  4. Australia. I’m Australian so I do tend to read a lot of Australian books and I enjoy books set in my home country. Especially when I feel that it really taps into a place and the experience of living there and if it’s somewhere I personally have lived, like Sydney, Melbourne or one of the rural areas I’ve grown up in or somewhere I’ve holidayed. I also like books set in places I’m yet to go: Tasmania, the Northern Territory, etc.
  5. Arctic Circle. Like Antarctica for interest but with the added benefit of having actual communities that are considered to be within this.
  6. Scotland. My family are originally from Scotland many generations ago now and I look like a person from Scotland (not great when you live in Australia, tbh) so I enjoy books set here, especially those on the Orkney Islands or remote parts of Scotland. Not somewhere I’d like to live but I really like reading about cold places, it seems.
  7. Deserted Islands. I honestly think this stems from reading The Swiss Family Robinson when I was about eight and falling in love with it. I’ve been obsessed with books where characters end up in uninhabited places ever since. Especially if it’s an island. I love survival stuff and if it’s a romance, this is classic ‘there was only one tent’ territory.
  8. A Method Of Travel. So like road trip books where the characters are in a car or campervan/Winnebago type thing, or on a train or a plane or a boat. I really like forced proximity stories and I love road trip books etc. So much fun. Plus it’s a good way as a reader, to explore a place you’ve never been.
  9. Fantasy Worlds. I read quite a lot of fantasy and it’s always interesting diving into a new world and getting to know it.
  10. Russia. Also this is vague because Russia is huge and has a range of different settings within it. But I love books set in the cities that describe the architecture and the differences in social and political systems as well as books set in the more remote parts, especially places like Vladivostok.

I have many other settings I love, these are just the 10 that came to mind quickest! What are your favourite settings in books? Let me know!

25 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday October 12

  1. Mine would include Ireland, Canada, London, Africa, China, Italy – Florence in particular, France, post war Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall, any of the countries that were part of the USSR during the cold war era, England during Edwardian through to Victorian era.

  2. theekellybee says:

    I have Antarctica on my list too. I want more books set there and it’s a struggle.

    my post:

  3. Anne Bennett says:

    I wanted to include Antarctica, too, but the only book I read that was set there is a bit dated. My TTT vivid settings

  4. lydiaschoch says:

    Have you ever been to Alaska? It’s beautiful.

    My post:

  5. Lexlingua says:

    Ooh, Scotland! It’s on my travel bucket list and also on my favorite book settings list. I’ll also add Russia there, it’s been a while since I read the Russian classics but I remember their charm.

  6. Aymee says:

    Antarctica and the Artic Circle would make for interesting settings! Reading one right now set in Alaska.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  7. I agree with Russia and Scotland as well. Here is my post-

  8. I love Scotland as a book setting too, my family is also from there and I went to Uni up there so I love being able to spot familiar places in books set there! Russia is always a good one for me too, as I love wintery settings and generally Russian-set books usually lean into the cold weather! I’ve only ever read the one Australian set book but I’d like to read more.
    My TTT:

    • It’s always really nice when you read a book set in a place you’re familiar with and can pick out all the streets and landmarks, etc. Hopefully you find a few more Aussie books in the future.

      • It is! I’d definitely like to, the one I read was Every Breath by Ellie Marney and I still have the two sequels in that series to read as well, so I’ll definitely be reading a couple more in the near future! I actually lie, I remembered I have read another Aussie set book, CG Drews (aka PaperFury)’s debut, A Thousand Perfect Notes! She had a UK publisher though, so it was easy to find here, we don’t seem to get many Aussie books over here in the UK in general.

  9. Cindy Davis says:

    I lived in Kenya and saw Antarctica on another list…I think I haven’t read anything set there, but when you described it I have vague memories…but could have been a tv show…not sure. But, now I want to be sure I read one set there. I like Alaska settings and love Australian ones.

  10. stefani says:

    I’ve loved all the Alaska books I’ve read so far, always looking for more recommendations. Happy reading! My TTT

  11. Marg says:

    I had Africa, Russia and Scotland on my list as well. But I don’t think that will come as a surprise to you!

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