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Review: Loving Lizzie March by Susannah Hardy

on September 13, 2021

Loving Lizzie March
Susannah Hardy
Pan Macmillan AUS
2021, 368
Personal purchased copy

Blurb {from the publisher/}: Life is not going to plan for failed fashion designer Lizzie March, until she finds herself pregnant to super-hot bad boy Jake Wheeler.

Convinced that he’s The One, all she has to do is make him realise that she is The One for him!

But is it possible she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe everything she has ever wanted is right under her very own stilettos.

I picked this book up recently in an online sale and because I’m in (yet another) lockdown, I’ve been gravitating towards books that are somewhat more lighthearted: YA and adult romances, etc. I just really have a need for feel-good books right now and often things that feel like they’re going to be too heavy or take more mental capacity than I have to give, get pushed to the bottom of the pile. I added this one in because it seemed like the sort of book I was after and the cover was eye-catching and I thought it might be fun.

And it….kind of is. In places. But there are definitely other places where I feel like the particular brand of humour here is not my type. If you are really into the books where the heroine constantly makes a food of herself to the point where it’s amazing they can function as an actual, full grown, human adult, this book will probably be for you.

Lizzie is 30 and still working the same dead end call job she’s had for a decade or so, selling wine. She wants to be a fashion designer but a few issues back when she was trying to break into the industry has sapped her self esteem and now she seems to have given up. She’s not lucky in the love department either, although she recently had a one night stand with her hot supervisor Jake and now Lizzie is full steam ahead in turning it into a relationship. After a slight…mishap outside Jake’s house, Lizzie has to go to the emergency at her local hospital where she’s told that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t want to tell Jake right away, instead she wants him to be with her and fall in love with her so that it’s not just the baby.

Lizzie was occasionally, a little bit of a trial to read from. I mean the book opens with her basically stalking her one night stand, turning up outside his house and trying to peer in his windows when he doesn’t answer the door. Lizzie is absolutely a hot mess – she’s very self-absorbed and wrapped up in every single drama she ends up entangled in and look, Lizzie has a lot of drama. She has a very patient friend Clem who has been friends with Lizzie for a very long time and constantly puts up with Lizzie’s emergency phone calls when she’s working, Lizzie sounding off about her various disasters and it seems like Clem’s full time job is not lawyer but constant soother and sounding board for Lizzie.

When she finds out she’s pregnant, Lizzie is at least self-aware enough just to know that she’s completely unprepared and knows nothing about what’s coming. She really does try to improve that and put herself in a position where she does have more knowledge about what she’s going to need and what to expect and what this is like but she’s still horribly unprepared and knows this isn’t exactly a choice she’d have made right now. No one is really prepared for a baby I don’t think, but Lizzie’s lifestyle and emotional maturity level definitely make her seem less ready than a lot of other people but I think sometimes she was more levelheaded about that than she was about most other things in her life – especially men.

Lizzie does get the chance to grow over the course of the story, and she gets a few truths about the type of friend she has been to Clem and how she’s always dominated everything with her dramas leaving very little time left over for Lizzie to support Clem and be a good, kind friend to her when she needs it. Sometimes I wondered why Clem and Lizzie had stayed friends for so long because Lizzie really is terribly selfish and although she often has good intentions, she gets distracted by her own petty dramas and does not treat Clem very well. Her redeeming feature is that she is really upset when she realises this and does her best to make amends – although still managing to insert her dramas and need for sounding off and advice in as well.

Lizzie also gets the chance to spread her wings in terms of her real passion and put into place a plan that will enable her to earn a living from something creative that she truly cares about and is seemingly very good at. All she needed was the motivation and an idea.

I would’ve liked a little more romance between Lizzie and her “end game” – they had a few interactions but nothing really hinting at romantic attachment until the end and I am not sure I really got to see enough to experience any chemistry considering some of their interactions were within a professional environment. It would’ve been nice to see them be able to explore that a little more in a different setting.

This was okay – it was entertaining although I did find Lizzie quite frustrating at times.


Book #145 of 2021

This is book #63 of The Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2021

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