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March Reading Wrap Up

on April 1, 2021

Total Books Read: 21
Fiction: 15
Non-Fiction: 6
Library Books: 7
Books On My TBR List: 4
Books in a Series: 1
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 10
Male/Female Authors: 1/20
Kindle Books: 2
Audiobooks: 3
Books I Owned or Bought: 1
Favourite Book(s): The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair, A Home Like Ours by Fiona Lowe, The French Gift by Kirsty Manning and Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane
Least Favourite Books: It pains me but Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 10

March was a really nice reading month! I got through quite a lot of books and I really think a renewed interest in audiobooks is really helping there. I got through 3 in March (one I’d started in February and finished in March) and I read a lot too. Also read a nice variety of books with quite a high total of nonfiction – very unusual for me! After reading 0 ebooks last month I did manage 2 this both, both ARCs from NetGalley. But my total read by male authors didn’t really improve – it was 1 last month and it was only 1 full book this month as well, although a non-fiction book I read was curated by 3 authors, one of whom is male. However it’s a bit hard to include that.

Challenge check in!

Australian Women Writers Challenge: 23/50

Read Non Fiction Challenge: 1/6

Reading Women Challenge: 0/28

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge: 10/25

Progress was made in 3/4 challenges but unfortunately, I still have not made any progress in my Reading Women Challenge, although I have at least sourced a few books from my local library that will count towards it. It’s becoming more and more likely that I won’t make as much progress on that one as I have in previous years (I’ve never finished it but I’ve usually got within 2-4 books of doing so). However this year the prompts feel a lot more specific, like it will be harder for me to find books for it without specifically buying them just for that. However I did kick off my Read Non Fiction Challenge and have now read 1/6 books for that, with a few more in my library pile that will count towards it. The other 2 challenges, Australian Women Writers and Historical Fiction continue to roll along – I read 9 books for the AWWC in March and 4 that counted towards the Historical Fiction Challenge. Some of these books cross over, so making double the progress.

On to the April TBR and it is a doozy this month folks!

An absolute whopper. Not sure what happened this month, is April a popular one for new releases? I must’ve just accepted a lot of books without realising it! Anyway, they all look excellent though, very excited about some. And in the interest of the fact that this pile is well, massive, I’ve actually read a couple. I finished my March TBR pile quite early in the month and so I snuck in a few of these early to give myself a head start. But even with that, this is still a very large and daunting pile and bear in mind I also have a huge library haul as well! Plus I’ve borrowed about three audiobooks from my online library and clearly in April all I’m going to be doing is reading. I’m not mad about it!

We are just about to start 2 weeks holiday here….2 weeks of not having to get up and get school lunches made, get my kids off to school, etc. I’m hoping to start each morning off by reading for an hour or so in bed, when I’d normally be doing that stuff. See how I go!

Hope you all had a wonderful March – and if you’ve read something on my pile here, let me know! What should I push to the top?

4 responses to “March Reading Wrap Up

  1. Aaliyazoya says:

    My book is free from tomorrow till 5 April 😁

  2. Congrats on a start to the Nonfiction Reader challenge 🙂
    Have an awesome April, we have quite a few books in common as usual.

  3. […] those who remember my huuuuuuuge TBR pile for April – I almost finished it. I read all but 2 books on it, which I’ve added to the shelf of […]

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