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Top 10 Tuesday 12th January

on January 12, 2021

Welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday! Hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, Top 10 Tuesday features a different bookish themed question or topic each week. This time we are talking:

Top 10 Bookish Hopes Or Resolutions For 2021

I have ebbed and flowed with bookish resolutions over the years. This year I hadn’t made any specifically before now but I thought it might be a good chance to think about the sorts of things I might want to accomplish in 2021 for the blog, with reading and reviewing in general. Let’s see how much I come up with…

  1. Remember that cross posting is a thing that exists: I am really bad with remembering to post my reviews to goodreads when they go up on my blog, or posting them in linky things or databases for the challenges that I am taking part in. I usually end up posting like, 40 at a time to goodreads, which is I’m sure, annoying for everyone on my friend’s list when they log in and get smashed with everything I’ve read in the last 2 months on their main page! I am going to make a conscious effort this year, to cross post and link up my reviews at the relevant places much more regularly.
  2. Use a reading journal: I used to also keep track of what I’d been reading in paper form as well as books received from publishers etc, but that kind of fell by the wayside last year and my reviews, records of what I’d read etc, were all electronic. I’d like to go back this year, to writing things down. I’ve got some really lovely notebooks that are unused and this seems like a good way to use up one of them!
  3. Continue to try and read more diversely: This has been a goal of mine for a couple of years and I’ve made some improvements but I’m still not where I’d like to be. I’d like to read more books by authors of colour, more books with characters who are LGBTQIP+ and by authors who are the same.
  4. Continue reading more non-fiction: The last couple of years I have been increasing the amount of non-fiction that I have been reading and I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s good sometimes, to read something that is a bit more complex because it also then makes me appreciate the fiction books that I go back to in-between non-fiction titles, especially the palate cleansing ones. I have a challenge this year as well, to help me with more non-fiction.
  5. Do not forget about my reading challenges, until the last minute: Sometimes this is a thing. I sign up for challenges at the beginning of the year and then kind of forget about them for large chunks of the year and then I panic about the amount of books I still have left to read for the challenges. This year I need to have more of a plan to space out the reading I need to do for challenges a bit, to search out books a bit earlier in the year.
  6. Be more choosy about the books I buy and in which format: I didn’t buy a huge amount of books last year, because I was basically in lockdown for 6 months and although I ordered some online, I definitely bought less than if I’d been out looking in bookstores every other week. Because of that, I didn’t have a huge amount of books that I bought last year and didn’t read yet, which is different to previous years. I still have unread books that I bought many years ago – so this year I want to be more careful about the books I buy. Utilise my library more, only buy favourite authors or books I really, really want to own. I want to buy more books on kindle as well simply because I just do not have the room to keep buying print copies at the rate I have been. My house is running out of room!
  7. Be a bit more brutal about the books I keep: I get quite a few books sent to me by publishers and I used to keep everything. Recently (last 3-4 years) I’ve realised that like above, that’s not sustainable – I can’t keep doing that. I’ve done a few culls of my book collection but I’ve realised I need to cull more regularly – maybe every month or two. If I read a book and I didn’t love it and know I won’t read it again most likely – set it aside to donate. Only keep the books that really spark joy, the ones that I adore. Even books that I buy – sometimes I buy something thinking I love it but I don’t end up doing that. And if not, then it needs to go.
  8. Care less about the goodreads goal: In the past, I’ve found the goodreads goal a bit stressful, like it was judging me. The last couple of years, I have deliberately lowballed my reading goal and that makes me feel much better about it.
  9. Don’t read things because I feel obliged: Sometimes in the past, I’ve felt like I should read something, because it was sent to me, unsolicited. I pretty much don’t feel like that anymore, but sometimes I need reminding.
  10. Keep my desk tidy: This is something I also need to remind myself about. It’s so easy for me to just dump stuff on my desk where I write reviews, because it’s quite large. I need to make sure I keep it tidy because when it gets messy I avoid sitting at it, and that’s how reviews pile up and my preference is to write them as soon as I can after finishing a book, because if they do pile up then I get overwhelmed and just don’t do it. So setting aside a time each week or every second week, to tidy my desk, remove anything that no longer needs to be there, keep the things that do need to be there organised, helps enormously.

And they’re my top 10 resolutions for 2021! I actually wasn’t sure I was going to be able to come up with 10 but in the end, it was quite easy.

24 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 12th January

  1. Ever since packing up to move and then actually moving, I’ve been very strict about the keep versus not keep. I have a basket set aside now for the ones I know I don’t want to keep and they go in there immediately once I’ve finished instead of sitting on a shelf waiting for a cull. Once the basket is full, I donate the lot and start with a fresh empty basket and do it all over again.

    Good idea with the reading journal. I have a stack of lovely notebooks too, might be a good idea!

  2. Ugh I also need to learn cross posting – between WordPress and Instagram. It’s just that insta requires so much of visual effort to even get liked by a few people!
    And yess, I want to start a reading journal tooo. Good luck to you for 2021!

    • I’m just so lazy, I really should schedule things to cross post automatically and sit down to do goodreads and stuff immediately but……I’m always doing something else or I forget.

      Good luck with your reading journal! Hopefully we both manage to fulfil our goals.

  3. Anne Bennett says:

    I think that is a good goal to read my diversely. I should add that to my list, too.

    • I’ve been making an active effort to try and seek out titles that have more diverse representation, supporting authors of colour etc. I find that one of the challenges I’ve signed up for really helps with that. Since I’ve started seeking these books out I’ve noticed how outnumbered they are by other books!

  4. Ugh. I need to clean my desk again. I’ve had to give away some of my books because I end up with so many.

  5. lydiaschoch says:

    Reading diversely is a great goal.

    My post.

  6. I also had reading more diversely and reading more non-fiction on my list this year. Ha ha I totally feel you on the cross posting to Goodreads, I really do need to get better at doing that after I write a review rather than doing a ton months later!
    My TTT:

  7. These are all great goals! I also want to start using a reading journal. I tend to read without taking any notes because I get so caught up in the book, but then I forget the important parts for my reviews.

    • I’m the same too. Sometimes I see something that would make an excellent quote or there’s a point I know I want to make in the review but I don’t write it down or make a note of it! Hopefully that changes in 20201

  8. Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    I so agree with not reading books that you feel obliged to. Reading should be fun no matter what!

    I used to have a reading journal. I’ve actually completed 4 books and then Goodreads happened and I don’t get to the journals anymore. Should go back perhaps.

    Good luck with all your goals and challenges, sure you can make it!

    Elza Reads and TTT presents ABBA 2021

    • It took me a little while after I started receiving ARCS to toss something aside if it turned up unsolicited and I wasn’t interested in it….I’m still working on refusing books when they’re pitched to me by people, if they’re not something I think I’ll enjoy!

  9. curlygeek04 says:

    You have great goals on this list – I also try to read more diversely, read more nonfiction, and also remember to read what I want. A lot of people are commenting about the Goodreads goal – I think trying to read a certain number of books is a mistake, it puts the emphasis on quantity rather than quality. I already rush through books too fast to get to the next one. I’m trying to read with more focus this year. Have a great reading year!

    • Yes, I agree with you – I do set the goal because I like taking part and having it all catalogued but the last few years I have deliberately lowballed it well below what I know I’ll probably end up reading for the year. Much less stressful that way. It’s definitely more important to have quality of reads, over the quantity!

  10. stefani says:

    I forget to cross post myself, I understand you perfectly and also wonder what my friends think on ocassion. Good luck!!

    • I think it’s because I schedule a lot of reviews in advance and when they go live, I’m just doing other things. And then I forget/can’t be bothered haha. And next thing I know, I have 30 of them to upload to various places.

  11. Cross posting is such a major thing! I’m also really bad about making sure I’ve set everything up across my platforms. Maybe I’ll be better about it this year, too.

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