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December & 2020 Yearly Reading Wrap Up

on January 1, 2021

Total Books Read: 8
Fiction: 8
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 1
Books On My TBR List: 2
Books in a Series: 6
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 1
Male/Female Authors: 0/8
Kindle Books: 1
Books I Owned or Bought: 5
Favourite Book(s): Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert (audio), The Queen Of Nothing by Holly Black (audio)
Least Favourite Books: Nothing below a 3/5 this month
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 2

Okay, so December was definitely kind of a bust, reading wise. I only actually read 6 books and I listened to two on audiobook, one of which (The Queen Of Nothing by Holly Black) I’ve read in print multiple times. So overall, there wasn’t really a lot going on. I ended up contributing no more to the challenges I had hoped to finish in December and actually, didn’t even get close to picking up any one of the books I needed in order to finish them. I don’t even really have that many excuses for not reading except that mostly, I didn’t want to! A little way through the month I just decided to completely go with it and mostly take December off and hope that I’d be refreshed and ready for 2021!

Challenge check in!

Australian Women Writers Challenge: 87/50

Read Non Fiction Challenge: 11/12 {technically complete, upgraded the challenge to the top level and trying for all 12}

Reading Women Challenge: 23/26

As you can see, no progress made from November! Overall I’m pretty happy with my results in the challenges I took part in – I deliberately lowballed my AWWC total and easily surpassed it. Originally I signed up for the mid-level of participation in the Read Non Fiction Challenge, which I completed and then I tried to finish all the categories and made it to 11 out of the 12, which is pretty good. And I did get to 23 of the 26 prompts in the Reading Women Challenge which is not too bad either.  I’m taking part in all of these challenges again next year, but I can’t say I expect to improve on my totals here. I had a lot more reading time, having experienced about 20-24 weeks of lockdown of some description or other that we hopefully will not have to do again in 2021.

And the yearly reading wrap up…….

Total Books Read: 241
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 114
Male/Female Authors: 31/210
Kindle Books: 82
Library Reads: 65
5-Star Reads: 34 (I include 4.5 and 5-star reads in this total)
Most Prolific Reading Month: April & July – 26 books
Least Prolific Reading Month: December – 8 books

Thanks to the spreadsheet I use to track my reading, I have access to a whole bunch of other fun stats as well, so some of those are….

  • I read 208 fiction books and 33 non-fiction books
  • 200 were classed as adult, 39 as young-adult and 2 as middle grade or children’s
  • books were audiobooks – something of a record for me!
  • Although most books (226) I read are classed as prose, I also read books of poetry, novellas, graphic novels, essay collections and short story collections.
  • 26 books by an author of colour
  • books in translation
  • re-reads
  • 110 books were received from the publisher for review
  • 111 books were published in Australia first, followed by 92 from the US and 29 from the UK
  • I spent $331.94 on books I purchased and read in 2020 – this does not include books I purchased in 2020 that I have not read yet!
  • In the break down of why I read books, 114 were read for ‘fun’ which means they were something I wanted to read, 110 were read for ‘work’ (which is how I classify ARCS), 15 I read for personal development and I read solely because they were a choice for a book club I’m in
  • General fiction was my most read genre with 70 titles followed by romance with 43 and then mystery/crime with 34 and historical with 33. The spreadsheet only allows me to choose one genre so many of these probably cross over and I just pick what I feel is the primary one in order to classify it
  • My most popular rating is 4-stars – I rated 103 books that way in 2020
  • I rated books 1-star and books 5-stars so I’m stingy with both my effusive praise but also my disdain! It’s rare that I choose a book for myself that I hate – one of my 1-stars was an ARC, the other an audiobook where I hated the narration. That audiobook was also my only DNF for the year
  • Overall I read 82,139 pages and spent 3 days, 10hrs and 54 minutes listening to audiobooks
  • 107 books were between 300-400 pages. I read books greater than 700p and books that were less than 100p

I read more books in 2020 than in 2019, but obviously a large part of that was basically not leaving the house for months between late March and late September. I don’t usually set reading goals or resolutions and I have no idea what 2021 is going to bring (I feel things are still a bit precarious) so I’m not going to note down any here.

Here’s my January TBR – it’s bigger than I expected it to be, a few of these turned up right on the last day we got mail before Christmas.

Hoping 2021 brings the return of my reading mojo!


6 responses to “December & 2020 Yearly Reading Wrap Up

  1. It looks like you had a great year of reading, even if the last month wasn’t as strong. I’d joyed the breakdown of your reading stats. Congrats on completing your goal for the Nonfiction Reader Challenge!

    Wishing you a happy new year!

  2. WOOOOOAH blown away by this!!! This is so great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. I love your stats!!! Brilliant! Cheers to a new reading year!

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