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Looking Forward To 2021: Reading Challenges Part 3

on December 9, 2020

I’ve been waiting for the announcement of this challenge for a little while now! The Reading Women Challenge is hosted by the Reading Women Podcast and I’ve taken part the past 2 years. I didn’t finish all the prompts in the first year and I still have 3 to go this year but sometimes, it’s not about finishing. Of all the challenges I sign up for, this is the one that pushes me to widen my reading the most. The prompts are often things I really have to think about, do research on and use the Goodreads group to find suggestions from other, much more widely read participants! For 2021, the theme is really focused on international authors, so reading from countries that are not your own and also, reading trans authors or those that are comfortable being included in a challenge that focuses on authors who identify as female.

I am really interested in some of these prompts already – there are some that I know won’t be too much of a challenge for me, some where I own books that already qualify or will definitely acquire something that qualifies throughout the year. There are others though, where it’ll be tougher to find books that fit the prompt or where I have to go to the group for suggestions (there are already boards for each of the prompts, with examples already listed and the challenge was only announced about half an hour before I started writing this post!). The Goodreads group is definitely invaluable to me, when it comes to completing as much of these as I can, throughout the year.

If you want to learn more about this challenge, you can visit the information page here.

2 responses to “Looking Forward To 2021: Reading Challenges Part 3

  1. They’re very specific categories, aren’t they. I always like seeing what you read for this challenge but the idea of participating in it myself is rather terrifying!

  2. Izabel Brekilien says:

    This looks like a great challenge, I love how diverse it is and the variety of subjects 🙂

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