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Review: The Minute I Saw You by Paige Toon

on October 8, 2020

The Minute I Saw You 
Paige Toon
Simon & Schuster UK
2020, 400p
Read via my local library/Borrow Box

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Some people believe that it’s possible to fall in love simply by gazing into another person’s eyes . . .

When Hannah and Sonny meet, a spark ignites that is hard to ignore and impossible to forget. Weeks later, their paths cross again, but Sonny appears distant and reluctant to meet Hannah’s eye. It soon transpires that Sonny is at a crossroads. He’s committed to making serious life changes – ones that can’t and won’t include romance.

Hannah has her own reasons for wanting to keep their budding friendship platonic. Plus, she’s only in town temporarily, housesitting for her uncle. But as the summer hots up and the chemistry between them intensifies, Hannah and Sonny discover that there’s more to each other than meets the eye…

It’s not every month that I finish the TBR I set for myself. But in September I did and with a few days to spare. So I decided to take some time to read a few library books and a few random books that grabbed my attention before I got stuck into my October TBR. I really like the few Paige Toon novels I’ve read and somehow I missed this one when it was released earlier in the year. It was available on the app my library uses to loan eBooks so I decided to give it a go.

Hannah is a newish dispensing optician at the optometrist Sonny has gone to for most of his life and they meet when he comes for a regular eye test. There’s a load of chemistry and he’s leaving to go back to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, which suits Hannah – she doesn’t do relationships. But when Sonny comes back to pick up his glasses, he’s like a different person and the chance of them hooking up vanishes. Hannah is surprised that she doesn’t stop thinking about him and surprisingly, they run into each other several times by chance in the next few months. The chemistry is there again but Sonny is troubled and he’s made a few vows to try and get to the bottom of the reason that he cannot form meaningful relationships. He and Hannah decide to try a supportive friendship instead, with no physical activity. That will be something new for Sonny, who seems to have treated women as a never-ending procession of one night stands. Sonny is committed to these changes that he’s making and Hannah is only in England temporarily anyway – she plans to leave again as soon as the uncle she’s housesitting for returns from his extensive overseas holiday. The only thing is, that chemistry won’t go away. And the deeper their friendship becomes, the more they learn to trust each other and confide in each other.

This was a lot different to how I expected it to be! At first Hannah and Sonny have this great chemistry but it doesn’t really go anywhere and when they reconnect, it’s in a way where Hannah’s new friend and her boyfriend know Sonny – and the friend is quick to warn Hannah off him. Sonny seems like a quintessential manwhore, shagging his way through anyone that’ll have him. But a little further on, after Hannah and Sonny decide to be friends, some of the reasonings behind Sonny’s inability to form relationships and lack of connection to women, begin to emerge and finally, he confesses something to Hannah that sheds a lot of light on a lot of things. Sonny’s feelings about this were so well written – they are complex and he’s a seething mix of emotions over it. Hannah is incredibly supportive of Sonny after this confession, being there when he needs it and also respecting his space when he can’t hang out due to his feelings on certain days, even though she misses and worries about him. She encourages him to confide in others, so that they might better understand him as well, even as she is hiding things from him herself. Hannah drops a few hints in the book about her own issues and inability to form meaningful relationships and when her truth comes it, it was also 100% not what I expected and I found her story really interesting. And heartbreaking.

The Minute I Saw You is a love story about two people who struggled with giving themselves completely to another person, for different reasons. Through Sonny’s “vow”, Paige Toon was able to give them a way to create and explore this deep friendship until finally, they realise that they are basically in a relationship. That against all odds, they’ve managed to build something really amazing and that if they just keep on doing what they’re doing, they’ll be fine. It doesn’t have to be this big ‘deal’ to go from their type of friendship, to officially being a couple. They establish huge amounts of trust between them, the sort of secrets they share are the type in which, shared to the wrong person, could seriously inflict incredible psychological damage, which is actually something that Hannah already knows personally.

I really enjoyed this, especially how both Sonny and Hannah learned that they could establish a home rather than moving around the world for work, or travelling to escape the ways in which they’d been hurt. This has reminded me that I really need to read more by Paige Toon, she still has so many books on her backlist that I haven’t read.


Book #196 of 2020

6 responses to “Review: The Minute I Saw You by Paige Toon

  1. I really loved this one too. It was not what I was expecting but turned out so much more, so much better. Have you read Five Years from Now? A favourite of mine by Paige from a few years ago.

  2. I’ve never read this author before, but this book sounds interesting.

  3. Marg says:

    I still haven’t read this author!

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