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Review: Evernight by Kristen Callihan

on August 22, 2020

Evernight (Darkest London #5)
Kristen Callihan
2014, 417p
Purchased personal copy via iBooks

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Holly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors. They have nobly served the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals for generations. And Holly may have the most special creative powers of them all. But her skills are about to be tested as she tries to save the life of a half-man-half-machine whose clockwork heart is ticking down to the bitter end…

William Thorne was a rebel, a hired assassin for the SOS’s greatest rival, before he was taken, tortured and transformed. Now his mind and soul battle with his body as he becomes less and less human. But the true fight for his humanity will be waged within his heart.

Okay so I probably shouldn’t have started reading this series at book #5. But lately I’ve been scrolling through a reddit sub centred around romance and there’s always lots of recommendations there and this one was for an enemies to lovers, which basically, inject it into my veins. We are 2, almost 3 weeks into lockdown version 2.0 as I write this (but it’ll probably be well over a month when this is published) and it’s much more scary, for want of a better word, than it was the first time. it’s community transmission this time, rather than returned travellers and their close contacts and it’s quite prevalent in my local area (we actually have the highest number of cases in the state). So I’ve been ignoring a lot of the books I have and looking for comfort reads again and this one seemed like a good idea. I actually discovered that I own the first in this series, which I must’ve picked up in a freebie promotion and yes, I should’ve started there but I wanted to read this one. I’m not sure if a more information is given about Holly’s predicament at the beginning of the book in another volume but she’s very much forced to do something by someone else, someone who kidnaps William, tortures him, rips out his heart and inserts a clockwork one (a thing of Holly’s creation) into him instead.

When William comes looking for Holly later, it’s for the purpose of destroying her. She is the reason he is the way he is and the modifications done to his body are slowly sending him insane with agony. But when he attacks Holly, unfortunately for him, she can control metal. And given that most of William is becoming metal, she can render him inert. Her touch also removes his pain and also makes the metal recede, so he is flesh again. They reach a sort of bargain – he will protect Holly from those sent to kill her and she will manage his pain.

It did take me a little while to understand how this world worked and what sort of powers and gifts people had as well as the different sorts of creatures populating it but I settled in pretty quickly, grasping the different organisations and their roles as well as the greater picture of the London landscape. Even though I was coming in at book 5, which meant that I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge, it was obvious to me that the world was fleshed out and had been built with a lot of detail. There are glimpses of characters that have clearly been the focus of previous books as well as characters who will clearly be the focus of books in the future.

I enjoyed Holly and William together. Even though Holly is in danger, she’s incredibly resourceful and intelligent. She can control metal and has made a myriad of inventions and works tirelessly in her home labs. She’s also still suffering from the events that led to William’s current predicament and has barely left her house in a long time. William is a very extroverted personality who wants to force her to do things. Sometimes this works but sometimes he takes things a step too far and it backfires considerably. This would’ve irritated me about him (at times he is quite childish and has almost a bullying personality which he hides under a guise of trying to get Holly to live and experience things) but he does feel remorse when he traumatises her and admits that he’s made mistakes. A lot is made of their differences, him being that more extroverted personality who had lived a life filled with feasting and sex basically, whereas Holly is much more introverted and has a lot of thoughts about things. They do sort of temper the other in ways – William learns the attraction of love, of having one person that fulfils you in many ways and Holly experiences things and feels things that she has not before and learns that her thoughts on what William is are not entirely accurate and that there are things she doesn’t know.

A lot of this book has a story which is obviously running through the whole series but it’s easy enough to piece everything together. I would like to go back to the first book though and read it from the beginning and catch up on what I’ve missed. This book sets up the 6th in the series quite nicely and I’m already interested to see how that pans out.

I enjoyed this.


Book #145 of 2020

2 responses to “Review: Evernight by Kristen Callihan

  1. Marg says:

    I would struggle to start a series at book 5.

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