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Top 10 Tuesday 21st July

on July 21, 2020

Hello and welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday! Originally created by The Broke & the Bookish, Top 10 Tuesday is now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. It features a different bookish/literary themed category each week. And this week our topic is….

Top 10 Bookish Festivals/Events I’d Like To Go To

Australia has quite a lot of bookish/reader/writer type festivals. I generally go to the Melbourne Writers Festival every year which is held in August however this year, if it goes ahead at all, I expect it to be a virtual event with author talks and workshops etc held online due to the COVID issue. There are plenty of others that I wish to attend at some stage in my life, starting with…..

  1. Clunes Booktown Festival. This is a 2-day festival held in the country town of Clunes in Victoria, about 30km outside of Ballarat. I’d probably be an hour and a half drive for me, which isn’t too bad. I’ve heard great things about it. Unfortunately it takes place in May so it was cancelled this year – perhaps 2021 might be an option.
  2. Newcastle Writers Festival. Held in April each year (and actually, this was one I had been planning to attend this year). I used to live in Newcastle, it’s about 2.5hrs away from the town I grew up in and I went to university there. I absolutely love Newcastle – it’s a beautiful beachside city with loads to do. It’s an easy distance to Sydney as well as the vineyards of the Hunter Valley, if wine is your thing. There are lots of cafes, shops and restaurants and it has some stunningly pretty beaches. Newcastle is perfect for a little break and they get good names for this festival.
  3. Sydney Writers Festival. Sydney is one of my favourite cities. It’s where I was born, although I didn’t live there very long. I’ve returned there many times but it’s been about 8 years since I was last there, which was for an event for my husband’s work. I’d love to take my kids to Sydney as they’ve never been so maybe I will be able to combine these two things in the future.
  4. NT Writers Festival. This is a four day festival that alternates between Darwin and Alice Springs as its host city. It focuses on the linguistic diversity of Australia and the chance to visit either of the host cities would be a huge bonus. I’ve never been to the Northern Territory (yet another trip that was planned!) and to attend something like this would be different to a lot of other festivals.
  5. Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival. Never been to Western Australia either, which is where the Margaret River region is. It’s supposed to be amazing though and this always seems like a pretty good festival, I know a couple of authors that have appeared at it.
  6. Byron Bay Writers Festival. I know Byron relatively well – in some ways it’s similar to the place I grew up, although they’ve both evolved in different ways. A lot of people know Byron because famous people like to live there (Chris Hemsworth comes to mind, as someone that everyone will know) but I’m not a huge fan of the town itself. However the writers festival there always seems like a fabulous line up.
  7. Brisbane Writers Festival. I’ve been to Queensland loads of times but I’ve never spent any time in Brisbane itself. So this would be yet again an opportunity to combine a festival with exploring a new city.
  8. International Literature Festival Berlin. Okay the previous 7 are all pretty achievable given they’re in the country I live in (although some are thousands of kilometres away). However we’re going a bit further afield now and choosing a couple from overseas. Germany is a good place to hop to others in Europe so why not try this Berlin festival?
  9. The Portland Book Festival. Portland is one of the places I have high on my list of US places I’d like to visit, so why not choose a time when there’s also a book festival on?!
  10. The Edinburgh International Book Festival. A lot of my distant ancestors are from Scotland and it’s a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time as well. This lasts for 16 days in August (so summer, although their summers are a lot like our winters……yikes) and attracts up to 200,000 visitors and features around 900 events.
  11. Book Expo America. What book blogger hasn’t seen/heard the adventures of those who have attended BEA in the past? I actually know a few Aussie book bloggers who even made the trip over there to attend one! It seems like an awesome event to be able to check out up & coming books and get an idea of literature trends and what is happening. Plus it’s a place where you can meet loads of likeminded people.

Oops, ended up with 11. Probably could’ve actually had many more! There are so many festivals, both home and abroad.

What’s high on your list?

33 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 21st July

  1. I AM DYING TO GO TO BOOK EXPO!! I have wanted to go for years, but it’s tricky to go from Canada. Plus, I am dying to go back to NYC (love me some Broadway). The Portland Book Festival is on my list too! I’d highly recommend traveling the PNW.

    My TTT

    • Book Expo would be so fun! I’ve never been out of Australia so it would definitely be fun to visit a place like NYC, which is so different to where I live. I would also love to do the PNW, it looks so beautiful.

  2. Anne Bennett says:

    I didn’t know that Portland has a book festival. I live near that cool, funky town. I will look into it.
    My TTT—Bookstores to visit

  3. I love Sydney too. I’ve only been to Australia once, but I spent five weeks there.

    • Oh wonderful! Sydney is beautiful – I’ve lived in Melbourne for the last 14 years but I still have a real soft spot for Sydney, it was where I was born. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  4. Great list! I haven’t been to Australia, but all of these Australian festivals sound so fun. I’ve seen Edinburgh on a lot of lists this week!

    • I was surprised actually, how many festivals there were when I sat down to do this post. There are some on my list that I was unfamiliar with until I researched for this topic. Edinburgh definitely seems popular as well! Sounds like it would be a wonderful festival.

  5. proxyfish says:

    So many wonderful festivals! I am definitely going to make more of an effort to go to the ones within easy reach as the majority are terribly far away! 😂

    Here’s my Top Ten!

    • I know, it’s sad isn’t it! Even the ones that are in Australia for me, some of them would be a 4 hour plane ride away! And if I want to go to ones overseas (if money were no object) it could be a 14+hr plane ride haha

  6. Yay for Edinburgh! Appearing on lots of lists from around the world today – I suppose it is one of the biggies! This is my TTT

  7. Marg says:

    I would go to any of these!

    Have you been to any of the Williamstown festival events?

  8. Summer in Scotland can be lovely and warm! Today it’s 16 deg c!! The Edinburgh Festival is online this year so I’m looking forward to attending from home!

    • Haha oh my gosh, I’m not sure what you guys consider to be “lovely and warm” is what we consider to be lovely and warm! It’s mid-winter here and we’d consider 16 degrees a great winter day (it’s been about 11 and depressing) but in summer? You’d be looking at high 20s as lovely and warm!

  9. nbiblioholic says:

    Book Expo definitely made my list too 🙂

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post.

  10. I had no idea Australia had so many book festivals, that’s awesome! I live in the UK but actually have never done the Edinburgh Book Festival, despite my family being Scottish and going to Uni there for four years! Definitely have to change that once we’re actually allowed festivals again 🙂
    My TTT:

    • Actually, neither did I, haha. There were some I found that I didn’t know existed until I went looking for them.

      I would love to visit Scotland! Especially Orkney, as that’s where a lot of my ancestors are from.

  11. Great picks! I really want to go to Edinburgh Book Festival too!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday Post

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  12. lydiaschoch says:

    The Edinburgh International Book Festival sounds amazing!

    My TTT .

  13. Astilbe says:

    I’m so curious about the Portland Book festival.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  14. How fun that your country has so many awesome book festivals! That’s so great. The U.S. has a bunch as well, but I haven’t actually been to most of them. I grew up near Portland, but I had no idea the city had a book festival. Bummer. I have been to Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, though. Does that count?

    Happy TTT!


    • Haha well I’ve only been to one of the awesome bookish festivals here so far! I have a long way to go, but I definitely plan to go to some of these in the future. Good excuse to combine holidays and books 🙂

  15. These all sound wonderful! I hope you get to attend so many of them. And that each are magical in their own ways!

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