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April Reading Wrap Up

on May 1, 2020

Total Books Read: 26
Fiction: 26
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 2
Books On My TBR List: 6
Books in a Series: 6
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 9
Male/Female Authors: 0/26
Kindle Books: 7
Books I Owned or Bought: 4
Favourite Book(s): Shadow Study, Night Study, Dawn Study by Maria V. Snyder.
Least Favourite Books: Nothing below a 3 this month
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 10

April began a “new normal” in a way, for the foreseeable future. For the first two weeks, my kids were on school holidays and we enjoyed lazy sleep ins and then found ways to entertain ourselves inside as much as we could before fitting in a daily walk if the weather allowed, to get us out of the house for our permitted exercise. On the 15th, my kids started their ‘remote learning from home’ and…’s been going okay. The first day was a lot of setting up types of tasks – getting your learning area ready, creating a timetable, that sort of thing. And since then the work has been pretty manageable for them and most of the time they’ve been quite enthusiastic about it and cooperative.

April was noteworthy because I finished ALL of the books in my TBR pile, showcased in my March wrap up post here – and I finished them on the 17th April! This pretty much never happens – I have occasionally read everything on my pile before but nearly always there’s 1-2 books I don’t get to as I get distracted by other new shiny things. Well I can’t go to the library as such, I haven’t ordered anything online for now and the postal service has been a bit slow as well, so I found it quite easy to get my pile finished! I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest of April – I could get started on my May books and get a few of those read and reviews scheduled as well, be ahead of the game. I could pick random books off my shelves that I’ve had for ages and read those. I could tackle some of the eBooks that I have or grab a few newbies from NetGalley to read. In the end I decided to do a bit of all of that, trying to mix things up as much as possible in order to keep things interesting.

I do have a May pile however, so here it is:

Originally this pile was bigger…but there were a couple of books that had their release dates changed so I had to remove them from this pile and shuffle them to later in the year. Because I finished April so early, I have already read a couple from this pile, reviews to come next week of The Hidden Beach and Fool Me Once and a review of The Viennese Girl has already been posted.

Challenge check in!

Australian Women Writers Challenge: 28/50

Read Non Fiction Challenge: 5/12

Reading Women Challenge: 9/26

As expected, my challenge participation for 2 of the challenges continued to stall without my library usage or much purchasing. I didn’t read any nonfiction this month, so contributed nothing towards my Read Non Fiction challenge, however I do have a book on my pile this month (the Jacinda Adern biography) which I will use for the published in 2020 prompt as well as the biography prompt for my Reading Women Challenge. Which will enable me to make a little bit of progress! The Australian Women Challenge keeps trucking along though, I’m more than halfway through the goal I set for myself of 50 books at the beginning of the year.

However, I actually got around to downloading the apps my local library uses to lend both eBooks and eAudiobooks, so going forward, I should be able to source some non fiction and books that will help me complete my Reading Women Challenge. I had meant to do it ages ago, when my local library first closed its doors but I only got around to doing it in the latter part of this month. I was specifically looking for something, hoping that I’d be able to borrow it as it appears I cannot buy it in Australia but unfortunately, no luck. However I did discover that the range of material is pretty good and I borrowed 2 eBooks – The Sin Eater by Megan Campisi and From Alaska With Love by Ally James. I also requested a couple of others and so far, so good in terms of accessibility, ease of usage, etc.

I purchased one physical book in April! My local Dymocks is actually still open, because it’s also a newsagent. My kids had run out of books to read so we had to venture out into the world. They can read eBooks on their iPads but quite honestly they were spending enough time staring at screens so we went to the bookstore to pick up some actual physical books. The kids got a couple each and I chose The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel. My husband got a book as well and I’d say we’ll make another trip there next week once the kids have finished the books they chose. I’d really like to see my 11yo choose something challenging and devote some time to getting stuck into a book but at the moment he seems to be choosing more easy reads. One of the books my 8yo chose he finished in 20 minutes so……I’d like to see him get something a little more challenging as well next time, something that will last a couple of nights of the 30m reading time they are supposed to complete each day.

I did read a ridiculous amount of books in April, including 2 re-reads of old favourites but it’s not a pace I expect to keep going forward. It’s just with nowhere to go and not much to do…..I chose to read to pass my time.

Wherever you are, I hope you had a good reading month for April….stay safe!

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