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Looking Forward To 2020: Reading Challenges Part 2

on December 28, 2019

One challenge that I can almost be guaranteed to take part in every year (apart from last year, when I did not do a single challenge) is The Australian Women Writers Challenge. I generally take part for two reasons – firstly because there are just so many amazing Aussie female writers out there writing phenomenal books and for a while, they were really not getting the same amount of promotion, reviews and press (in mainstream press) that male writers were. Since 2012, it’s been such a good way to spread the word, to find new books as well. And also….it’s a challenge I can kind of do standing on my head. I read a lot of books naturally, without having to hunt them down, by Australian women writers. It’s something I can complete without it being too taxing or feeling like it’s something I have to adjust my reading for. A couple of times I’ve managed to crack over 100 books by female Australian authors but in recent years, my total has been admittedly, a bit lower than that.

I generally make up my own challenge and in 2020 I’m going to aim to read and review at least 50 titles by Australian women authors. I think it’s something that I should easily be able to get done but I’d also like to spread the variety around as much as I can. Mostly my reading is contemporary/romance/rural/YA with a smattering of crime but I’d also like to include more non-fiction, more literary fiction and (here’s the kicker) a classic or two. I’ve vowed this before and always failed at it hopelessly. I have so many classics sitting on my shelves at home, including a few quite famous Australian ones but I’ve never gotten around to picking them up. I’d also like to try some more fantasy or sci-fi as well as more books by Indigenous women or women of colour or those who identify as LGBTQI and just look for books that are outside of my regular comfort zone in order to beef up the challenge a bit for me. I always enjoy taking part but I need to at least try and stretch myself, even though most years I end up failing miserably at that part!

If you’d like to sign up too, the link can be found here.

One response to “Looking Forward To 2020: Reading Challenges Part 2

  1. Mic says:

    good luck. I look forward to watching you diversify 🙂

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