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Top 10 Tuesday 24th December

on December 24, 2019

Welcome back to another instalment of Top 10 Tuesday! Originally created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish, Top 10 Tuesday now has a new home with Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. There’s a different bookish related theme each week and this week we are talking:

Top 10 Books I’d Like To Find Under My Christmas Tree

Now I’ll be away for Christmas, interstate and we are driving so I’m pretty certain there will actually be no books under my Christmas tree, in the interest of not adding too much to the luggage to take home. But a girl can always dream….and if I were getting books for Christmas, these are some of the ones that I would love to receive.

1. The Rise And Fall Of Becky Sharp by Sarra Manning. I love Sarra Manning’s books! This came out a while ago and I honestly cannot believe I haven’t bought it yet…’s a modern day take on Vanity Fair and I think I originally intended to read that first…although I’m probably never going to realistically do that!

2. Brazen And The Beast by Sarah MacLean. I really enjoyed the first one in this series and I’m really curious about the third one. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this too, I just want to get to the third book.

3. On The Come Up by Angie Thomas. I thought The Hate U Give was absolutely amazing and when I heard Angie Thomas was writing another book, it went straight on my wishlist and even though it’s been out for probably nearly a year, I still haven’t bought it or read it yet.

4. Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett. I adored Alex, Approximately and it put Jenn Bennett onto my must-read list. I also really enjoyed Starry Eyes. I didn’t know this book had been released until recently – I haven’t seen anything about it around. Haven’t seen it in any stores. Might have to order it online.

5. Circe by Madeline Miller. Story of my life – read and loved Achilles and wanted to read this as soon as it came out. Still haven’t. Just……I have so many books. It feels impossible to get to all the ones I want to read! I do want to read this one though, make it a goal for 2020.

6. House Of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Currently reading my way through all the books in this world.

7. Descendant Of The Crane by Joan He. I adore the cover for this and I’ve heard a lot of really great things about it. It’s also quite different to a lot of what I would usually read. I’ve read very little Chinese influenced fiction, especially fantasy so it seems a good way to discover something new.

8. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. A lot of people I know have sung the praises of this one. I’m hit and miss with Ann Patchett. I’ve loved one of her books, two others have been just okay. But I’m curious enough about this to want to try it.

9. I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver. A book by a non-binary author with a non-binary character. I really like the sound of this one.

10. The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Moyes. It’s been a while since I’ve read a Jojo Moyes book. I actually never read the third book in the Me Before You series. But I think I’d like to read this one, as I haven’t really read anything of hers away from that world – one book years ago. So I’d definitely like to read something she’s written after the trilogy, now that she has seemingly wrapped it up and moved on from it. This book actually garnered a lot of comparison to another book which was published around the same time….I think it was coincidence perhaps but in the interest of that, because I’m adding this… bonus choice is:

11. The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. The book it’s compared to. I’d like to read them both and see the similarities etc and make my own mind up on it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas period and that unlike me, you find some of the books on your wishlist under your tree! 🙂


10 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 24th December

  1. Ooh these are all amazing books! I’m really excited to read Circe too! (Although who knows when I’ll get to it!) Happy Reading! 🙂
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. Merry Christmas! On the Come Up was really good. I hope to read King of Scars and Descendant of the Crane in 2020.

  3. I hope you find one under your tree!
    Merry Christmas 🌟

  4. Oh, but you should read Vanity Fair before you read that book! Seriously, I loved Vanity Fair! And good for you for wanting to read both the Moyes and the Richardson book. I’ll be watching to see if you think there are too many similarities.

  5. lydiaschoch says:

    I hope you’ll get to read On the Come Up soon!

    My TTT.

  6. I loved Descendant of the Crane. Its super unique and lnteresting.

    I also still need to read Circe. I am almost ashamed I haven’t read it yet.

    Great list!

  7. Aymee says:

    Great list – I haven’t read any of these yet!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  8. I hope you get Serious Moonlight. I enjoyed that one.

  9. Cate @ The Crime Scene Bookworm says:

    I love ANYTHING Sarah MacLean writes, her books are so good! I definitely want to read On the Come Up and Circe and King of Scars, too. Happy reading!

  10. Dedra @ A Book Wanderer says:

    I already own Circe but I still haven’t picked it up. I’ve put it near the top of my 2020 tbr, so hopefully I’ll actually get to it. 😉

    My TTT

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