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November Reading Wrap Up

on December 2, 2019

Total Books Read: 20
Fiction: 18
Non-Fiction: 2
Library Books: 2
Books On My TBR List: 6
Books in a Series: 11
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 7
Male/Female Authors: 5/15
Kindle Books: 5
Books I Owned or Bought: 8
Favourite Book(s): Up On Horseshoe Hill by Penelope Janu, The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black.
Least Favourite Books: So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 6

Bye November. Feels like you went so fast.

And so it’s December. The last month of 2019. I feel like I say this every month but I am not sure what happened to 2019. So much of this year just seems lost in a bit of a blur, things have gone so quickly. At the moment we are immersed in end-of-year things – my kids have 2.5 weeks left of school and after that we leave to go interstate for 3 weeks. We are having Christmas with my family this year (they live 14hrs drive away) and I’ve been making arrangements for our cat and travel arrangements, sorting out getting our car serviced and tyres checked before we leave, all that sort of stuff. We are driving up so that we will have our car with us while we’re there and it’s much cheaper than flying and hiring a car.

I don’t know how much reading I’ll get done while I’m away. I can never tell – sometimes I think I’ll get very little done and I end up reading a lot. Sometimes I think, well the conditions will be perfect. It’s summer, my parents have a pool, my kids can swim while I read. But it rarely works out the way I imagine it will. My husband will be with us, he’s on holidays too so it’s possible we’ll spend more time doing things than just lazing around at home. It’ll probably be a mix, but there’s also family to visit as well and catch up with so I’m not making any reading plans past the 18th December. Prior to that though…’s my December pile:

All publisher ARCs apart from the top book, Dark Emu which I purchased after it was trending on twitter because Andrew Bolt had his knickers in a knot over it. Anything that gets up that right wing zealot’s nose is worth investigating so I decided to check it out and it sounds very interesting. It’s basically about a suggestion that indigenous Australians were not just the nomadic hunter-gatherers that Europeans assumed and were sowing, harvesting and storing crops, which doesn’t fit the tag. The author suggests that the usage of the term hunter gatherer was a convenient lie, presumably to better the argument or justify the colonisation of the country. There’s a lot of very interesting primary sources that the author uses to support his argument. It’s blown up quite a lot on twitter in recent times so I picked up a copy.

Challenge check in – with just one month left to go, I have completed my Goodreads reading goal of 200 books for the year (thanks October, for being such a crazy reading month!) and am sitting on 204 books read. So far I’ve completed 22/26 books for the Reading Women Podcast Challenge and realistically, I can probably only complete another 2 of the prompts, maximum. I don’t see myself reading a play and I don’t see myself reading a translated book published before 1945 because I’ve trawled through the recommendations and nothing suggested is available at my local library. Some are available on eBook but to be honest they’re rather expensive (almost $20AU) and I’m just not interested in purchasing a book I’ll probably never read again just to satisfy a prompt. Same with the play. My library does not have any plays that I can see available for borrowing so I’m just going to have to wipe those two out basically. The prompts I can complete are read a Jesmyn Ward book (I own Salvage The Bones somewhere) and read a myth retelling (either The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey or Circe by Madeline Miller). Interestingly I’m potentially going to struggle with finishing the goal I set of 80 books in the Australian Women Writers Challenge. I’ve read 73 and two of the books on my December pile would qualify, bringing me to 75. Potentially the Pip Drysdale might, I’ve seen some people count her books as I think she spent time growing up in Australia but it’s probably stretching it. I also have The Weekend by Charlotte Wood out from my library for an online buddy read, which would be 76. So I still need to find another four books by Australian women to read by the end of the year in order to successfully finish that challenge. Well, finding them isn’t the issue – I probably have several hundred in my TBR piles of both print and eBooks. It’s actually reading them! But I shall try. Plus I’m going to raid NetGalley before I go away so I should be able to find some candidates there.

Hope you all had a wonderful reading November and that December is a stress-free time in the build up to Christmas.


5 responses to “November Reading Wrap Up

  1. You can use the Pip for AWW. I did with her last book. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that she still counts herself as Australian. Any anyway, I saw her wearing thongs with a dress in a photo over the weekend of a book signing at Dymocks. She’s definitely Australian!

  2. OMG 204 books read for the year is amazing!! congrats :)))

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