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Review: The Ex by Nicola Moriarty

on June 27, 2019

The Ex
Nicola Moriarty
Harper Collins AUS
2019, 400p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

She wants him back. She wants you gone.

Luke is The One. After everything she’s been through, Georgia knows she deserves someone like him, to make her feel loved. Safe. 

The only problem is his ex-girlfriend. Luke says Cadence is having trouble moving on. She texts Luke all the time and leaves aggressive notes on Georgia’s car. Georgia starts to feel afraid. But she decides to confront Cadence … and that’s when things get interesting.

From the bestselling author of The Fifth Letter comes a twisty, pacy, gripping new novel that explores the baggage we carry from our past relationships and asks how well can you ever really know someone.

I’m going to follow the lead of my fellow blogger, Shelleyrae @ Bookd Out and keep this review quite short, because like her I don’t want to spoil this for potential readers. And I think that it’s the sort of book where it would be very easy to do that, even without meaning to, even just in the tone of the review.

Georgia, a nurse living in Sydney, is stood up at a bar waiting for a guy she met on Tinder. When two guys harass her a bit, another man steps in to tell them to back off. That man is Luke and he is likeable, friendly and interesting. Georgia is smitten and it isn’t long before the two of them are dating. Luke has baggage though, in the form of his ex-girlfriend Cadence, who is having a lot of trouble letting go of their relationship. It starts off with Cadence just texting and calling Luke, but soon she begins to involve Georgia, leaving notes on her car, sending messages about knowing where she is and what clothes she’s wearing and Georgia is terrified. She and Luke are trying their best to navigate this, the incidents actually bringing them closer together but it’s wearing on Georgia’s mental health and causing her to become distracted and fearful, jumping at pretty much everything. Determined to be a victim no longer, Georgia decides that confronting Cadence and telling her to back off, that her reign of terror isn’t going to work is the only answer.

Oh my god this was brilliant. I absolutely loved this book. I actually almost forgot to pick my kids up from school I was so engrossed in it, I looked up and it was suddenly only minutes until the bell would go (luckily I live only a few minutes walk!). I just wanted to stay reading and when I got home, I picked it up again immediately and kept reading until I was finished. For me, I think it’s definitely the sort of book you want to start when you have the time to read it in one sitting and when you can just immerse yourself in the story.

I think this would make a really enjoyable tv series or movie, there’s a lot of opportunity to really build that suspense in a visual way and play out the terrifying things that Georgia is subject to, as well as the confusion and struggle she begins to have as it takes its toll on her mentally. It’s the sort of thing that also works really well on the page, because the reader can put themselves in that situation and the slow realisation of Georgia is so good and keeps the reader fully engaged and in the moment. There are times when it’s easy to guess what is happening but it’s all about the journey to get there, which is what kept me so invested. There’s a frightening reality in Georgia’s story that I felt came across really well.

Loved this, from start to finish, it’s probably my favourite read of at least this month, maybe the last couple of months. I’ll think about it for a long time, definitely.


Book #95 of 2019

The Ex is book #44 of The Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2019


4 responses to “Review: The Ex by Nicola Moriarty

  1. Lily Malone says:

    Oh, great review Bree. This gives me very clicky fingers because usually what you like, I seem to like. This week I read Penelope Janu’s story, In At The Deep End, which I know you read some time ago and I remember you raving about it. That book was like The Ex for you just now I think. I’ve put Penelope’s story in as my current Best Of The Year. Sounds like this one is one I’ll have to pick up too. I’ve read The Fifth Letter which I enjoyed too of Nicola’s. Hope you’re keeping well. xx

    • Thank you Lily! It’s good to hear from you. I loved In At The Deep End SO MUCH, Per and Harriet are a true pairing for me haha. I’m so glad you liked it too, Penelope is so amazing. You should definitely read the next couple as well, featuring a few mentioned characters 🙂 I think if you’ve enjoyed Nicola’s previously, you’ll enjoy this. She’s getting better with each book.

  2. Great review, Im glad I wasn’t the only one to find it difficult to write around the risk of spoilers.

    • Thanks Shelleyrae! Yes, it’s a tricky one isn’t it, hence why I decided to follow your idea and keep it concise so as not to give much away. It’s the sort of thing where even though the reader pieces a lot together themselves as they read the story, it’s best not to go in with anything that could really shape your thoughts beforehand.

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