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Top 10 Tuesday 28th May

on May 28, 2019

Welcome to another edition of Top 10 Tuesday! Originally created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish, Top 10 Tuesday now resides with Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This topic…’s going to be a hard one! Sometimes I can’t even decide what my favourite book was for the month, let alone the year. But I’m going to try!

Top 10 Books The Last 10 Years (1 Per Year)

1. My Favourite Book In 2018

Okay this is hard already. I tossed up between a few – I only rated a handful of books 10/10 last year but it was really hard to pick out of them. In the end I think I have to choose…..

The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black. Everyone hyped this up a lot before I read it, which can mean that the book cannot possibly live up to it. But this one did – I really loved it, that kind of slow start and then everything hitting the fan. I’m here for Jude & Cardan (I know it’s unhealthy, I don’t care lol). It was one of those books where it was almost fun to have a year of anticipation for the next one.

Honourable mention: The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland. I almost picked this one. It was a hard choice.

2. My Favourite Book In 2017

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I remember reading this, probably a bit later than most and I had to take a few days to just let everything absorb. I can’t wait to see the movie and I also haven’t read Angie Thomas’ next book yet either, so I should probably get around to doing that as well.

3. My Favourite Book In 2016.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. 2016 was such an awful year for me. A friend of mine, who had kids at school with mine passed away after quite a short battle with an aggressive cancer. We were almost the same age and I struggled a lot after that happened. I read a LOT of books after it. Just spent days basically reading through series’ I found on iBooks or Amazon, looking for things that would cheer me up for a bit. This book became one of my all-time favourites and I cannot tell you how many times I re-read it either in its entirety or just my favourite parts. It made me laugh, it made me want to cry (but in a good way) and it made me just enjoy good things for a while. Lucy and Josh are just perfection. I’m really excited about the movie and I hope I love it too. It sounds a bit dramatic, but this book gave me something I desperately needed at a time when I needed it the most.

4. My Favourite Book In 2015

The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody. I’d been reading this series since 1996, so in 2015, there was finally some closure. For the people that had stuck it out, we finally got to see how it all ended, find out who The Destroyer was, etc. That’s not to say everything was tied up – there’s openings for Carmody to return to this world in many capacities.

Honourable mention: Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat.

5. My Favourite Book In 2014

Every Word by Ellie Marney. The second in an Aussie YA trilogy featuring a couple of teen amateur sleuths. Mycroft and Rachel end up in London, chasing answers (well Mycroft is chasing answers, Rachel is just mostly chasing Mycroft so he doesn’t do something stupid). I love this whole series but this one is actually my favourite. The chemistry between Mycroft and Rachel is off the charts and the sinister level of this is one up (and I did not think you could one up almost eaten by {redacted} but hey, here we are).

6. My Favourite Book In 2013

The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley. I love most Susanna Kearsley books but this one is my favourite. It ties in with a couple of her others as well and ages up a well loved character from one of those previous books. I really enjoyed the telepathy angle of this and the way in which the dual timelines were uniquely linked. I’ve re-read this one quite a few times too, which for me is always the sign of a well loved book because I have so little time to re-read these days.

7. My Favourite Book In 2012

Canada by Richard Ford. I got to hear him speak as well, as he did a few events in Australia in support of the release of this book and he’s the most interesting person to listen to. He’s very funny – great voice and a great storyteller. I don’t know if he reads his own audiobooks, but he probably should.

Honourable mention: The House Of Memories by Monica McInerney

8. My Favourite Book In 2011

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I loved this! You know, sometimes I think a virtual world wouldn’t be so bad…… I found this so fun to read and yes, this has reminded me that I am still yet to watch the movie. Must get around to that.

Honourable mention: Kinglake-350 by Adrian Hyland.

9. My Favourite Book 2010

Forget You by Jennifer Echols. I was obsessed with this book. It and Going Too Far also by Echols. Actually I re-read this not that long ago, maybe either last year or in 2017 and I still just really love it. Doug and Zoey are so great – well mostly just Doug, Zoey needs a little bit of help sorting out what’s happening in her life.

10. My Favourite Book In 2009. 

Okay it gets a bit harder here because this is before I started my blog or Goodreads. Actually, my blog had its 10 year anniversary just last week! I also had a baby in late 2008 and I really didn’t read for a lot after that, but there’s a couple I do remember so I’m going off a 10yr memory and a hope!

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. I bought this when it came out, which was in 2009, so I know for sure I read it in that year. And that I really, really liked it, so it’s definitely my favourite of the books I can remember reading, way back when! I really enjoyed the first 2 of these (I read them together) and I still have the 3rd to read on my TBR shelf. I’ve never quite been able to bring myself to read it though, I think perhaps because the author died and I wasn’t willing/ready to say goodbye to Lisbeth. I know others carried on the series, but it’s not quite the same when it’s not the original author.

So there we go……one book, published in each of the previous 10 years, that’s been a favourite. I didn’t do 2019, as it’s not even half over yet (although it would’ve been the easier option, as it meant I could choose from all the years I’ve been blogging). But I have to say, looking back has made me realise a few things – firstly, I was way stingier with generous ratings back in the day, and I still consider myself to be pretty stingy now. I don’t give very many 10/10s at all but I’ve already given a few this year and there are years I didn’t give any. Also I’ve read a lot of books in 10 years – I average around 200, there were years I read 300, so I scrolled back through lists of thousands of books today. And I honestly had a hard job choosing some years. There was one year where I had 8 windows open of my reviews trying to choose. I also made it a bit harder by picking books published in that year as well.

I enjoyed this though. It’s been a good trip down memory lane!

25 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 28th May

  1. I enjoyed seeing your list, I’d have a hard time choosing as well.

  2. The Cruel Prince is on my TBR this year. 🙂

  3. Astilbe says:

    Forget You has such an eye-catching cover.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. lydiaschoch says:

    T.H.U.G. was on my list, too. I suspect a lot of people will be including it.

    My TTT.

  5. Marti (Bookish Treats) says:

    I totally get it, I think choosing one favorite book is really hard and admire you for trying. I liked The Cruel Prince too and I’ve had The Hating Game on my TBR for the longest time. Great list!

  6. curlygeek04 says:

    The Hate U Give made my list too. I just read her new book, which was also really good. The Hating Game is one I’ve heard great things about. My list is at

  7. Ah I really enjoyed Every Breath but I haven’t got to Every Word yet, will have to rectify that one day!
    My TTT:

  8. Great list! this was a very hard prompt! I just couldn’t stick to one per year for some of the years haha, so I cheated a little bit… Ready Player One almost made it to my list as well!

  9. Happy belated blogoversary! The Cruel Prince made my list this week; I need to read Ready Player One still. I love your list!

  10. Who doesn’t love THUG ❤ I love Ready Player One so much as well!

  11. The Cruel Prince and Ready Player One are great choices ❤

  12. Ready Player One, The Cruel Prince, and THUG – great picks!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  13. I absolutely love The Hating Game and I’m so glad that it could help you through a difficult time. I really want to check out The Cruel Prince because it features a lot of tropes I adore but like you mentioned I’m also really apprehensive and scared that it’s not going to deliver on a level that equals my expectations and the hype. Thanks for sharing! c:

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