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Most Popular Reviews In 2018

on January 3, 2019

For a bit of fun, I always like looking at what the most clicked-on reviews were for the year. Sometimes they are just ones I really don’t expect. Sometimes my top 10 for the week consist of reviews I wrote years ago that I don’t know how are still getting clicks. There’s one I wrote that tops the lists each year, still garnering tonnes of views even though it’s really old. In fact it still got 2000 hits in 2018. One day I’ll do a top 10 so far but for today, I’m just going to look at the reviews that were the most popular (ie got the most hits) that I wrote in 2018.

  1. A Court Of Frost & Starlight by Sarah J. Maas. Not a long book – in fact for Sarah J. Maas this was a positively minuscule novella released somewhere around mid-year. A little interlude between one trilogy and probably another, this was not exactly filled with plot but if you like seeing your favourite characters just…..doing things and not nearly dying, then this is fine. I honestly didn’t mind this, it wasn’t to everyone’s liking but anything Maas does is super popular (and also highly criticised) so I’m not surprised that this tops the list even though it’s so tiny.
  2. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.  This was a book that divided a lot of people. I know some who loved it and thought it was her best ever. I wasn’t as convinced. I found this over long and quite weird in parts and it didn’t for me, really address its own consequences. But there’s no denying that this book raises a lot of talking points and I could see people seeking out a lot of opinions on it. I know I certainly went and read a lot of other reviews after my own.
  3. Whisper by Lynette Noni. First in a new series from the Aussie YA author of the Medoran Chronicles. This was interesting and like her other series, I suspect it will get better as it develops. I really enjoyed the setting and I’m looking forward to the next book.
  4. The Love Letter by Lucinda Riley. This one kinda surprises me. Riley does have a very popular series that she’s currently part way though (which I haven’t yet read, although I do own the first two) and this was an old book she wrote 20 or so years ago, re-released. I didn’t love it and I’m not sure it held up due to the advances in technology etc. It just made it seem very old fashioned.
  5. Off Limits by Clare Connelly. Oof. I did not enjoy this book at all, I had massive issues with it in a #MeToo era where thinly veiled sexual harassment is given a pass because the guy is hot.
  6. The Ones You Trust by Caroline Overington. One of my favourite books of 2018, hands down.
  7. The Nowhere Child by Christian White. Amazing. I hope this book is successful around the world. It’s so well written and such an intriguing story. It’s from a relatively small press here and from what I understand, will be published in various overseas markets this year.
  8. The Apology by Ross Watkins. Good to see another title from a smaller press making the list. I really enjoyed this multi-layered story – one of those books that you spend a long time thinking about later.
  9. As She Fades by Abbi Glines. Abbi Glines is just one of those authors that I’ve had to accept is not really for me. I’ve given her numerous tries now and I just don’t connect with her characters or enjoy them. Slut shaming ahoy, man whores who are treated like special snowflakes plus the “this girl is above all others” trope. Nope.
  10. Lost Without You by Rachael Johns. Makes the top 10 despite only being published 2 months ago.

To be honest, this top 10 list reflects my reading as a whole. Quite a lot of Australian authors, a sprinkling of stuff from overseas and mostly female authors. There were a few titles that I was (pleasantly) surprised to see here and I like that it’s a mix of books I adored and books I had criticisms of.



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