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Looking Forward To 2019……..Reading Challenges Part 2

on December 21, 2018

So I’ve had my year off challenges and I’ve decided to step back in for 2019. I’ve already signed up for one (see this post) and this is the second one I’ll be participating in. I’ve actually participated in this one for every year except one (this year) of its existence so I’m pretty excited to be taking part once again. A quick glance at my reading makes it obvious that this isn’t really a challenge for me as such, but it’s a way to support and promote.

The Australian Women Writers Challenge! You can visit this page for all of the particulars including the different levels of the challenge. But it’s quite flexible and I tend to just make my own goals because so much of my reading fulfils the requirements. So for 2019, I aim to read 80 titles and review at least 50 by Australian female authors. I also try to improve my diversity each year and broaden my horizons – I always fall down with classics. I have good intentions, it just rarely ever works out!

I’ve made no plans for this challenge because I know I’ll have so many options with books released in 2019. It’s one of the easiest ones to ‘wing it’ with, which helps me because I’m rarely very organised!


6 responses to “Looking Forward To 2019……..Reading Challenges Part 2

  1. Snap! I’ve put 80 too. Glad to have you back!

  2. miffta80 says:

    Sounds like a challenge! I should aim for 80 too

  3. […] in January. I’ve signed up for 2 challenges, one of which will be relatively easy to me (the Australian Women Writers Challenge) but I’m also doing the Reading Women Challenge and that requires some planning and acquiring […]

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