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Review: The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane

on December 12, 2018

The Wrong Callahan (The Callahan’s Of Stringybark Creek #1)
Karly Lane
Allen & Unwin
2018, 326p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

It had been two long years since Lincoln Callahan had found himself in front of the gates to Stringybark Creek. He was in the army then – a lifetime ago. Linc had always been the unsettled Callahan, looking for danger, the one who couldn’t wait to leave the family farm.

This time he was back for his little sister, Hadley’s, wedding. From far and wide, the Callahan relatives were streaming toward Stringybark Creek.

Linc’s little brother, Griffin, was the steady son, the one who stayed at home, the one who did the right things. And now, the one who had feelings for city-girl, Cash Sullivan.

For Cash, the offer to manage her best friend’s luxury beauty spa tucked away in the country had come at the right time. She knew she needed to make smarter choices in her life, starting with the men she dated, and an enforced break in the country seemed the right way to consider her options.

When Linc sets eyes on Cash at a family dinner, their swift attraction floors him. But Cash is his brother’s girlfriend…what was he thinking?

As Linc, Griff and Cash form an uneasy triangle, each of them have personal demons to face before they can open their hearts.

Karly Lane’s latest release is the first in a new series centering around the Callahan family who own and operate a farm in New South Wales’ Riverina district. In this book, older son Linc has returned home to the farm for the first time in many years. A former military man, Linc signed up for the army as soon as he could and left the small country town behind. Several tours later and now he owns and runs his own private security firm that specialises in helping people navigate overseas’ difficulties. Returning to the farm for his sister’s wedding, Linc is hiding a lot of secrets from his family, such as why he’s really back for such a long time. His return is immediately complicated by his attraction to neighbour Cash Sullivan, whom the whole family seems to think will soon be attached to Griffin, Linc’s younger brother.

Now normally I’m not really a huge fan of love triangles and I’m even less of a fan when they include members from the same family. I always find it a bit awkward to read about sisters warring over a man or brothers both attracted to the same woman because it’s hard to see this issues just….going away….and everyone getting along in the future. Also indecisiveness really bothers me, so I really dislike it if a character is going back and forth between two options for a good portion of the book. However this was written in a way that I think was both believable and managed to weave in some very intricate and old family conflicts that really gave this depth and about much more than just which brother Cash liked more.

Cash had a very unusual upbringing, not an easy one and her taste in men has seemed to run to the….not so good for her. The ones that don’t stick around, that aren’t really good prospects. Griffin is kind of the opposite of all that, he’s a nice guy with a steady job working his family’s farm and a plan for the future. Lincoln however…..seems more like the men she’s always chosen. No fixed address, a bit dangerous, a bit of a past. Cash wants to change the pattern of her behaviour, her choices but the thing is, you can’t force chemistry. It’s either there or it isn’t and Cash’s head might want one thing but her heart definitely wants another.

The Callahan family are big and kinda rowdy and not without their individual issues. Griffin has a long standing resentment of Lincoln, who doesn’t understand what he’s done to deserve it. One sister seems to be going through a very difficult time and the other is finally getting married after she and her fiancé postponed it twice due to their busy careers. All of the siblings were really interesting and I enjoyed their interactions with each other. What’s mostly explored here is between Lincoln and Griffin and it’s a way for Lincoln’s secrets to out after Griffin flips a switch. I’m not sure there was as much resolution as I was expecting but perhaps the next book will look to address that a bit more. There’s certainly a lot still left to explore in terms of individuals and also how these people connect as siblings. I enjoyed the characterisation of the parents as well, who are very strongly portrayed as hard working and social country people. Lincoln and Griffin’s mother in particular does a lot to make Cash feel welcome and included, although I do suspect she has ulterior motives.

This was a very enjoyable read and a good introduction to the Callahan family. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book and seeing what happens as several family members still have a lot of things to deal with. I really liked the setting and the small community and for me, the way that the love triangle played out was well done.


Book #200 of 2018


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