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November Reading Wrap Up

on December 3, 2018

Total Books Read: 11*
Fiction: 10
Non-Fiction: 1
Library Books: 3
Books On My TBR List: 4
Books in a Series: 3
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 5
Male/Female Authors: 2/9 (I’ve counted a title written under a male pseudonym in my female tally)
Kindle Books: 1
Books I Owned or Bought: 4
Favourite Book(s): The Lost Man by Jane Harper, Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, The Summer Of Secrets by Barbara Hannay & Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore.
Least Favourite Books: Milkman by Anna Burns. Honestly it might be the worst title I’ve read all year.
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 0 – because this is the year of no challenges!

* – Goodreads counts one DNF title towards my tally, which makes this month’s effort 11 books but in reality I DNF’d it after 30 odd pages so it’s more like only 10 books read for the month.

So. November was an interesting month…..

In terms of reading, it was, I think, easily my worst in terms of numbers for 2018. I’m not quite sure why I struggled so much this month….or well I am, in some ways. Firstly, the first book I tried to read this month was the Man Booker winner, Milkman by Anna Burns. And wow, it’s the first book I’ve actually officially DNF’d this year. The way it was written – I just couldn’t get into it at all. And it gave me a bit of a hangover, I was really reluctant to pick something else up and the book I did finally choose wasn’t a good choice for me. I’m not sure if it’s heading towards that end of the year and getting fatigued, but I spent many more days not reading than actually reading this month. In fact I wiped out pretty much all my November TBR pile – I think I only read one of them. And I didn’t like it much. The rest of them…..when I investigated further, 3 of them were sequels or connected to other books, which I hadn’t read. And I decided instead to just find things that interested me. I read Lethal White by Robert Galbraith/JK Rowling, which had been one of my goals and it was sooo good. I might’ve only read 10 books this month, but 4 of them were 5-star reads for sure. I went to see Jane Harper at an event at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, in Melbourne’s west, which was a fantastic event. Jane Harper is a star. Her two Aaron Falk books are great (the first one, The Dry is to be a movie with Eric Bana playing the lead, which is pretty impressive) but her third book, The Lost Man is fantastic. Absolutely brilliant.

I also picked up a couple of books that had been on my TBR pile for a long time – in the case of A Discovery Of Witches it’s been about 6 years! I also got around to finally reading Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, the third in the Graceling trilogy. I’d read and loved the first two books last year and I’d started Bitterblue twice only to put it down after less than a dozen pages and move onto something else instead. But I picked it up and was finally able to give it the attention it deserved.

Given this month’s effort, my December pile is deliberately modest:

I’ve actually already read 2 of these but I still have reviews to write for them, hopefully both will be up later this week.

Last week I had the entire week off blogging – in fact I don’t even think I looked at my blog once. Sometimes I just need to take that little break and refresh myself a bit or the whole idea of sitting down and writing blog posts becomes a bit overwhelming. It worked really well and now hopefully I can finish out the year on a positive note!

Happy reading!

One response to “November Reading Wrap Up

  1. Glad you took a break! The blog will still be here. I kept hearing about the Tattooist of Auschwitz and now I see there’s also a librarian?! Also, love Jane Harper!

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