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Review: One Night Wife by Ainslie Paton

on June 12, 2018

One Night Wife
Ainslie Paton
Entangled Publishing LLC
2018, 322p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Finley Cartwright is the queen of lost causes. That’s why she’s standing on a barstool trying to convince Friday night drinkers to donate money to her failing charity. Hitting on the guy on the next stool wasn’t part of her plan. Still, hot but grumpy venture capitalist Caleb Sherwood might just be her ticket to success.

Professional grifter and modern-day Robin Hood, Cal Sherwood is looking for a partner for a long con. Sexy Fin, doing her best Marilyn Monroe act for her cause, has the necessary qualifications. By the time he cuts her free, her charity would be thriving, and she’d have helped him charm billions out of arrogant, gullible marks to fund his social justice causes.

But just when he thinks he’s about to pull off the best con ever, his feisty new partner gets the upper hand.

A modern day Robin Hood style story, this was so fun! The beginning is absolutely fantastic. Finley Cartwright is a struggling actress who has started a charity with her best friend. The only problem is, her best friend’s father has recently been arrested on serious charges involving money and it’s going to be hard work to convince anyone to donate to a charity connected to that name. Finley is in a bar trying to rustle up some donations from the post-work drinks crowd when she gets a lesson in pitching from a grumpy man at the bar. When Finley runs into her odious ex on the way out, she’s humiliated enough to go back to the grumpy (but handsome) suit at the bar and get him to play along in a little charade.

The man at the bar is Cal Sherwood, a professional grifter. He and his family have long preyed on the rich and careless, swindling them out of money that they redistribute to various causes around the world. Their family ‘business’ is incredibly successful but a recent mistake by Cal has decimated his personal earnings and now he’s looking to build his stocks back up. When he meets Finley he seems a mutual opportunity. He will introduce her to the right people to get donations for her worthy charity and she can be his ‘one night wife’, a fake girlfriend role for various events. Usually this role is filled by someone from within his family’s business but Cal is desperate to convince his family that Finley can play her part.

Cal and Finley have some immediate chemistry, which the opening scene in the bar details really nicely. There’s a sizzling attraction between them but Cal has ideas and so this is definitely a slow burn romance. The desire is there, but Cal doesn’t want things to get messy and so he definitely tries to keep Finley at arms length for a large portion of the book. Finley has a more open sort of attitude to wanting to take things to another level because she’s completely unaware of Cal’s true reasons for bringing her in and how it will benefit him in the end. It can only ever be temporary and so he must keep his distance from Finley but the more time they spend together, the more he gets to know her, the harder that is.

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t -really- understand how Cal and his family do their thing. They seem to swindle very rich people out of large amounts of money by getting them to invest in…things that aren’t real? And then do the people just forget that they invested in these things? And not even worry when they don’t eventuate? Do start ups fail all the time and no one cares as long as they’re in on the one that explodes? I’m not sure, surely this is something that has a limited life span and Cal just can’t keep approaching the same people with amazing new things for them to throw money at, I don’t know. I get that they are funnelling vast amounts of money away from people who have acquired it somewhat dodgily like exploiting cheap foreign labour or through cheating I guess. And they put it toward good causes – Cal’s mother is very passionate about a number of causes (even our Great Barrier Reef gets a mention, as coral bleaching is one of the things she feels as though they must put money towards preventing/fixing) and I liked his family. But I have to admit, the logistics of them always getting money out of people were a bit mind boggling. Maybe these people are so rich they don’t even care and just happily throw money at whoever asks. Aren’t people who are so rich notoriously tight with it? But they happily toss it at Finley when Cal starts teaching her how to pitch. Soon she’s walking away with millions and millions in donations and I was a little bit blown away by how quickly that all occurred. It seemed unlikely that something so fledgling would get these massive donations and what was being done with that money was lost in the narrative of Cal and his long con and what his family were doing with their grifted billions. I wanted a bit more about where Finley’s charity was directing its money. Yes I had the basics – giving micro loans to women to help them improve their situations, but I wanted more. All of a sudden they have all this money thanks to Cal’s smooth game. Surely there’s only so much in charitable donations to go around and the amounts being thrown around in this book just seemed a bit….much.

So that part I felt a bit hazy on but I really enjoyed the relationship itself between Cal and Finley. The hook was amazing, they bounced off each other so well, but Finley doesn’t know everything about Cal. She doesn’t know he’s a con artist and that in helping her, he’s roped her in on his cons. So there’s good conflict too and the sexual tension is orchestrated nicely and with good pace. And I really liked the ending.


Book #98 of 2018

One response to “Review: One Night Wife by Ainslie Paton

  1. alexandrareads says:

    Oh my you have read so many books this year already. Lovely review. I really don’t care about the relationship between the characters at least from what I have read in your review. Have a great day 🙂

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