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Times Are Changing!

on May 22, 2018

It’s not often I post personal stuff here but this is (sort of?) about books so I thought, why not?

Recently my husband and I got the phone call that people who rent, dread. A call from a valuer looking to get a time to come and go over the property because the owners would like to sell. We have lived in this house for eight years. That’s quite a long time in terms of being a tenant. Our oldest son wasn’t even 2 when we moved in here, he will soon be 10. And our youngest son was born while we were living here. It’s the only home he’s ever known.

Neither my husband nor I were keen to really see out the sale of the house. You can’t be a book blogger without owning far too many books that pile up around the house and we’re also quite private people. The idea of having to vacate our house every Saturday for people to look through it wasn’t exactly palatable. Nor was the idea of having to hide all our stuff for attractive photos to be taken. And you have no control over who buys the house and what they might want to do with it, so we thought it’d be better to go while we were able to make that decision than be asked to leave by a buyer who wanted to occupy. Thankfully we weren’t under lease and were free to start looking around for somewhere else to live. It’s a bit of a tough market around here now – when we first moved out here, real estate agents were begging you to submit applications. There were way more houses than people wanting to live in them. But we’ve been through quite the population explosion, thanks to a lot of those cheap houses. And when we went to look at a few houses and saw 15, 20, even 40 (!) people at some of the inspection days, we were quite daunted. We weren’t confident of getting somewhere and even though we had a bit of time, with no real exit day, we wanted to be settled somewhere new quite quickly.

Well, we got a house! And we get the keys next Monday. So from then on I’m going to be super busy moving as much of the small stuff as possible before a removalist comes to do the bigger stuff, probably the following weekend. Our new house is in a super location, easily within 5min walk of our children’s school (whereas the place we are now is a few kilometres away) and close to shops, etc. It’s not quite as big as this house but this house is kind of impractical in some ways anyway and we don’t use all of the space. And I’m super keen because the master bedroom is at the back of the house. All the houses I’ve lived in, it’s been at the front with a huge window and I hate people seeing into my bedroom. So I never open the blinds! But with this house that won’t bother me because the window overlooks the backyard and is nice and private.

Which brings me to the books bit of this post really. Since we discovered we’d be moving, I decided that the time had come to really look at my book collection objectively. It’s long since outgrown the bookcases we have. Books are literally stacked up everywhere in unattractive piles and the clutter is starting to annoy me. So I decided that this would be a good excuse to do quite a savage cull. I culled a bit last year but I still kept a lot that I hadn’t read for “one day” and books that I thought were okay. Now, if I can’t see myself reading it again, if I didn’t love it, it goes. If it’s a series book and I didn’t care enough to read the rest of the series, it goes. If it’s something I haven’t read in 10 years, it goes. I’ve already created two huge piles – one to donate and one for people I know to go through and see if there’s anything they want. It’s surprisingly therapeutic and I’m not feeling at all sad about it. A move is as good an excuse as any to go through all the crap you’ve accumulated in almost a decade and get it well sorted. I’ll be going through every room in the house – kid’s bedrooms, spare room, bathroom cabinets, kitchen, master walk in robe and ensuite. This house has a study that houses my older son’s PS4, the new house does not have a study so he gets the PS4 in his room, which makes him exceedingly happy. Although he probably will be less happy when he hears the rules surrounding that particular privilege. The kids also want to try sharing a room – but I have zero hope of that being successful. My older son is a night owl, constantly awake hours past his bedtime, even though he’s not allowed to be doing anything. Despite the late nights, it’s rare he sleeps in past 6.30 and is often up around 6. My other son enjoys his sleep a lot more and often sleeps 1.5hrs later than his brother. If they were to share a room successfully, I could turn the other bedroom into a playroom/library but the chances of that are….really quite low. Even something as simple as going an having a shower often turns into 30+ minutes of stupidity and mucking around and I’ve no doubt that bedtime would be similar.

Things will no doubt be a little quiet around here while I sort out culling, packing, moving, unpacking and then cleaning this house in preparation to hand the keys back. I have so many books to read but I’m pretty sure my time to devote to them is going to be greatly reduced, however I do have a few commitments that I will be making sure are honoured as well as hopefully managing the odd post every few days. I have a few things sitting there, just need to get them completed and posted. We are already sorting out getting utilities and extras like internet moving – my husband needs the internet for work anyway, so it’s not something we can really be without for more than a couple days. Hopefully it’s all sorted well before we are there “permanently”.

Wish me luck! Moving is one of my favourite but also least favourite things in the world. A new house is really exciting but it’s such hard work getting everything done!

14 responses to “Times Are Changing!

  1. Good luck in the move. As we are also doing it I know how stressful but also exciting it can be. And OMG relate to the kids. It’s why we need to move – my two youngest currently share and are exactly the same in terms of differences in sleeping as your two! x

    • Thank you, good luck to you too! Yeah I just don’t really think them sharing would work, I don’t even really want to try it! They seem pretty keen but I know that’s going to wear off really quick and it’ll just descend into fighting lol.

  2. Lily Malone says:

    ooh, exciting times! Sounds like you’re in control of it though, so well done. I’m not a hoarder… I’m constantly throwing stuff away and the other side of that is, then I suddenly think: “where did I put that XYZ’… or I figure a child won’t want some broken toy that he hasn’t missed for six months so I throw it and the next darn day all of a sudden life isn’t complete without this one particular item!
    Oh well… I’m very much in the room of, if I haven’t used it/worn it/needed it in a year, I throw it – except if it’s a kitchen item, e.g. mixmaster. I keep those for the rainy days 🙂
    Good luck, Bree!

    • I wish I had a bit more of that tendency to clear out stuff – we just have so much stuff and my husband is even worse than I am. However I think I’m probably getting rid of around 800-1000 books, all the CD’s/dvds/videos etc are going. There’s just no need for them anymore, everyone streams everything anyway! And clothes. Will definitely have to be very critical of the clothes and whether or not it gets worn/even fits etc. Hopefully we have streamlined possessions by the time we get to the new place haha.

  3. Congratulations on the new house. That’s very exciting news.

  4. Ocean Bream says:

    Congratulations on the new house – and the new privacy with your bedroom window! I enjoyed reading about your book sorting-out. I have way too many books and need to get rid of some and I shall take your approach. Good luck with the move! As busy as it sounds – it’s all rather exciting! 🙂

  5. Good luck! We had a major move 6 years ago and culling was indeed therapeutic. 18 months after that move we had to move again, but this one was across town. I still culled again! Moving is exciting, such a lot of work, but also great once you’re settled again. All the best!

    • I just want to fast forward to that moment where everything is done and we can relax – but that isn’t going to happen for probably 3 or so weeks! All I can think about atm is all the stuff I still have to do and how much work is involved in the actual move. Thanks for the good wishes!

  6. Good luck with the packing. After downsizing my life into a 25 foot caravan I know about packing and disposing of stuff!!! I do miss a bookcase! And I will miss your reviews. All the best.

    • Thanks Jenn 🙂 I admire your ability to downsize, it must also be immensely freeing. I can see now why some people have solely eBook collections – so easy to have all the books you want, find them without fuss and they take up no room. I just can’t get past how much I like the idea of holding books though. And I love the way a full bookcase looks in a house. Hopefully I’ll still get some reviews up over the next couple of weeks, thank you for your always kind words about the blog!

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