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Review: Inked by Anne Marsh

on April 6, 2018

Inked (Hard Riders MC#2)
Anne Marsh
Harlequin DARE
2018, 168p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Bankers and bad boys don’t mix

So why is she getting under his skin?

Harper, a buttoned-up banker, is a tattoo virgin before Vik draws her first ink. And once the bad-boy biker lays his hands on the beautiful canvas of her body, he’s addicted! Harper says the two of them could never mix outside of the bedroom—but she’s finding that she wants the feeling of Vik’s touch to last forever.

I read this on a whim and didn’t realise it was the second in a series until after I finished it but it didn’t matter. The books will all centre around different characters in the same motorcycle club and although the hero from the first book does appear a couple times in this one, it doesn’t talk much around his story and you can easily read this first without spoiling anything.

Harper is a banker who caught her boyfriend cheating and has now decided on a whim to get a tattoo and so she strolls into the shop where Vik works. They’ve actually met before…..but Vik doesn’t remember her however he’s pretty interested in her now. Harper doesn’t know what she wants to get tattooed on her so she lets Vik choose and so he designs something that he thinks fits her and where she’s at in her life.

From there they segue into a sort of friends with benefits arrangement (read: booty calls) where they talk about a lot how neither of them want commitment. Harper just wants to live a little after the souring of her previous relationship and although Vik’s father wants him to find a good woman and settle down, Vik’s motto seems to be ‘here for a good time, not a long time’ and he’ll just take as many women as he can find, thanks. Although once he meets Harper, that kind of dries up.

This was….okay I guess? Nothing ground breaking. Vik is annoyingly smirky and cocky and he’s more playboy than aloof biker. It annoys me when people go and get tattoos without even knowing what they want though. You’re inking something permanently onto your skin and you can’t even be bothered to choose what it is? Also this tattoo seems elaborate but is completed in one session and there’s no aftercare and the next time Harper even looks at it , it’s perfectly healed. Magic.

I wanted to explore the fact that they’d already ‘known’ each other (and I do meant that in every sense) but it’s kind of glossed over? Harper remembers it quite well but Vik has zero memory of it whatsoever and she makes no real attempt to enlighten him as to when/where it was and it’s basically never mentioned again. She doesn’t seem particularly insulted that he doesn’t even remember her and Vik is keen to make amends by making it up to her. It’s fine, pretty standard, I never really felt like they had much chemistry though. Vik doesn’t really come across as very deep – I think the relationship with his father and the way his father was urging him to settle down was an attempt to show the man behind the MC but it didn’t really do much. I did like that he took care of his father but I was a little confused about whether their lifestyle was 100% legit these days.

Harper was fine, a bit bland. She’s some sort of investment banker or something who manages other people’s money (and does it very well, which was good to see). Her break up happens before the book starts and there’s no real interaction with her ex – I thought there might be something for closure but it doesn’t happen. Just a scene where she tries to steal her cat back which goes a bit awry.

Harper and Vik spend most of the book assuring themselves that they’re not in a relationship and it’s just this or that with no strings attached but it’s pretty obvious that it’s not just this or that and that there are some strings attached. It takes Vik a ridiculously long amount of time to figure out what’s going on and he was just so annoyingly stubborn about it for no good reason that it got a bit tedious towards the end. Perhaps because this is really short and although they do spend time together out of bed, it’s not much so it did feel a bit of a stretch that there were these powerful feelings already. Especially for two people who hadn’t wanted anything more and in Vik’s case, didn’t really seem to have had many, if any, proper relationships. Could’ve probably done with a bit more fleshing out.

The character from the story before this piqued my interest and I thought about going to check that book out and I might do that but it’s only a novella like this one and from the same category. I’ve read two DARE novels now and I don’t think they’re for me. Whilst it’s a very quick and easy read, it’s a bit bland and for me there was nothing that stood out about it character or story wise unfortunately.


Book #60 of 2018

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