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Mini Reviews: What I’ve Been Reading Lately

on March 8, 2018

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately but I don’t always get the time to sit down and write full length reviews of everything I’ve read. So I thought I’d do a little wrap up post with a few thoughts on books I didn’t get to recently.

Terra Nullius
Clare G. Coleman
Hachette AUS
2017, 304p
Purchased copy via iBooks

I had heard really amazing things about this book for a few months now so when I saw it on sale for $4.99 on iBooks, I snapped it up. I started reading it one day at school pick up and I knew that there was a bit of a twist but I was still taken aback when I realised precisely what is happening. This book draws amazing parallels from history and applies them to the future. It’s really well written, such a clever idea. It’s long listed for the Stella Prize as well. An 8/10 read for me.

Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1)
Jay Kristoff
Harper Voyager
2016, 463p
Copy won in a giveaway from Kristy @Book Nerd Reviews

This is the first standalone book from Jay Kristoff I’ve ever read and overall, I liked it. It’s clever with a lot of snappy dialogue, bloodshed, and a ‘school’ where everyone is a murderer and very few are going to get out alive. Mia, the protagonist, is bloodthirsty for revenge and she’s willing to do pretty much anything to avenge her family. Also it’s Jay Kristoff, so don’t expect characters to live. The only thing was at times the footnotes got a fraction irritating. Some add a lot to the story, some just served to pull me out of the main part of the story. It was the somewhat ‘clever’ conversational tone that occasionally grated. But this is still a damn good story. Will be picking up Godsgrave soon. 8/10

Valentine and Ironheart  (Valentine #1 & #2)
Jodi McAlister
Penguin Teen AUS
2017 and 2018
Purchased personal copies

I picked up both of these after seeing a little buzz around for the release of the second book on twitter. Ended up reading them both in a day. They’re set in Australia, focusing around a bunch of school friends (well friends is kind of a loose word to describe them all) who were all born on Valentine’s Day. One is a fae changeling and now the fae are looking for the right one. They’ll stop at nothing….and it’s up to Pearl and her school sort-of-nemesis/maybe something else? to figure out what is happening and how to stop it. The second book ends on such a cliffhanger and I want to know what happens next desperately. These are definitely not the fae as you’ve read them in a lot of books but I love the teen interactions, the chemistry between Pearl and Finn as well as the complications that surround them. 8/10 for both.

Love, Hate & Other Filters
Samira Ahmed
Hot Key Books
2018, 255p
Purchased personal copy

A really interesting story about an Asian Muslim teenager born and raised in a small American town and the fallout on her and her family after a terrorist attack in a major American city. I really loved the stuff about the pressure from her family to undertake a certain career and find a good potential husband of the same background as her and I liked the way that the love triangle played out (in that it really wasn’t one). I expected religion to be more present in the book – if not for the joke about one of them drinking wine and hey, it’s not eating pork I wouldn’t have even remembered that they were Muslim. I would’ve liked to see a bit more about that religion and how it was an aspect of every day life and whether or not that was difficult within her upbringing etc. The ending was also partially unsatisfying for me – although I understand that she was young and there would be plenty of time for that to right itself. I still wanted to know though. 7/10

The Diary Of A Bookseller
Shaun Blythell
Profile Books Ltd
2017, 310p
Birthday gift from my family

Shaun Blythell lives the life. Surrounded by thousands of books in a Georgian townhouse in Scotland. He started keeping a diary mostly revolving around customers, books sold, quirks of his staff etc. He’s an interesting man who kind of takes advantage of the fact that he’s his own boss to do and say what he likes to irritating customers. In this book he details the odd things that happen in his store, the pros and cons of the Amazon machine and just the every day ins and outs of owning a second hand bookstore. In this day and age I’m sure it’s a very difficult way to make money and Shaun is always thinking of new ways to try and keep the business going. I love the idea of his book club where they send out a random book each month from their collection. It was also curious to see what always sold (fishing books. Why are so many people buying fishing books? And trains). I enjoyed his sense of humour a lot. 8/10

King’s Cage (Red Queen #3)
Victoria Aveyard
2017, 507p
Purchased personal copy

Nope. I’m done with this series. 3/10

So these are pretty much the books I’ve read so far this year that I haven’t sat down to write proper reviews for. There’s probably a few more but I don’t have much to say about them, some of them were just quick novellas or something that I read before bed. With the exception of King’s Cage, these were all books I really liked and just didn’t have the time to sit down and bang out long reviews, probably because I’ve had a lot of ARCs to write reviews for and I tend to prioritise them over books I’ve bought myself in terms of writing the actual reviews.

I kind of like this idea and I think I’ll do it semi-frequently if I feel as though there’s been a bit of a build up of books I haven’t really written anything for.

2 responses to “Mini Reviews: What I’ve Been Reading Lately

  1. Diary of a Bookseller sounds really interesting.
    Lovely mini reviews 😊

  2. […] few months ago I did the first of these posts where I wrote brief reviews for books I’d read that I hadn’t gotten […]

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