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Review: Graevale by Lynette Noni

on February 6, 2018

Graevale (The Medoran Chronicles #4)
Lynette Noni
Pantera Press
2018, 447p
Purchased personal copy

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Light or dark, only one can win. This world cannot survive in shades of grey.

Now that Aven Dalmarta sits upon the throne of Meya, Alex must race against the clock to save the rest of Medora from the Rebel Prince’s wrath.

Haunted by an unspeakable vision of the future, Alex and her friends set out to warn the mortal races. But making allies out of ancient enemies proves difficult.

With her nights spent deep in the Library under the guidance of a mysterious new mentor, Alex is desperate to strengthen her gift and keep all those she loves safe. Because in a world where nothing is certain, she is sure of only one thing: 

Aven is coming.


This is one of the most intriguing series I’ve read in a long time. The first book I have to say, was just okay for me. But I was urged to continue and the premise was interesting enough. And ever since, they’ve just gotten better. This is the second last book and it’s all starting to come together and the pay off is promising to be absolutely epic.

Please note, there might be a few general broad  ***SPOILERS*** for previous books in the series.

I had so many questions after the last book! I was lucky in that I only read it last month so I had a very short amount of time to wait until this one came out. That short wait ended with this book as I’m now officially ‘caught up’ and I have to wait until the next and final book is released next year! Thankfully this book does also answer some of my questions….but it also raises more. The way in which it is told feels quite slow and methodical at first but then… picks up pace really quickly and all of a sudden before you know it chaos is breaking out and everything is kind of a blur (in a good way) and there’s so much stuff happening and it’s heartbreaking and scary and I must have had about twelve heart attacks in the latter part of this book.

But skipping back to the beginning – everyone is back at Akernae after their break and Alex fills in her friends on how she really spent her break. They’re skeptical (really, at this point, is anything questionable?) but she has a few things that convince them. Even though Aven now sits on the throne having incapacitated his brother, life at Akernae rolls on in a semi-normal way. Alex knows she has to warn the other species and plans to do it even though she’s been told not to and even though she’s been warned she won’t get a friendly reception…anywhere. But still has to try.

Alex is so tenacious – or stubborn. There’s nothing she isn’t willing to do in order to be heard and to warn everyone of the impending danger that Aven represents. After all, she’s been given a glimpse of the future that will exist should she fail. As always she is backed by her faithful band of followers in Bear, D.C and Jordan, who is struggling with what has happened to him but is doing his best to get back to normality. And then there’s Kaiden, who mysteriously knows where Alex spent her break before she tells him…and other things that she’s puzzled about.

I’ve been curious about Kaiden for a while – he was inconveniently barely in the last book, only really appearing as a manifestation of Alex’s to guide her somewhere. But this book makes up for that because Kaiden is present and we get a lot of answers about him, such as what his gift is, how it works and how he seems to know things that he hasn’t been told. That reveal is actually pretty funny and I’m sure he has an important role to play in how things are going to pan out. There’s a reason they’ve been put together to train by their mysterious mentor.

Sometimes in books you know something is coming but when it comes it doesn’t mean that the impact was lessened in any way and that’s kind of how I felt about a part of this book. It’s not something that surprised me but the way in which it happened did and the aftermath as well. But it had to happen and now basically, I think several things mean all bets are off. In this book Alex struggles with the idea of killing Aven to beat him. She seems to think that she can do it without killing him and I know that she’s a teenager who has been thrust into a strange world with things that she’s had very little time to deal with. But she’s seen what Aven will do if she fails. She’s seen what he’s done both prior to her arrival and also what he does in this book. I just am not sure that’s a vow she can carry on with. I don’t really feel at this stage, that Aven is a character who can be rehabilitated, with all he has wreaked. What he was is not what he is now. He’s had a long time to become what he is now and that can’t be undone in a short period of time. He’s a threat to everyone else and it’s my opinion that he should be eliminated. Entirely. So it will be interesting to see where Alex goes with that moral dilemma in the next (and last!) book as that showdown comes closer. Because there has to be a showdown – everything Alex has done has been in preparation for being able to take on Aven and win.

It’s weird to feel that it’s so close now! Five books is a very decent sized series and I think Lynette Noni has done a fantastic job orchestrating this one – each new instalment adds something more to the story, another layer and more for Alex to experience. The story has become so much richer, the world fleshed out more and more. In this one we meet many more different….species? and experience their very different environments. I loved it – and now the wait for the final book will be eternal. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve read these 4 in a relatively short amount of time but now I must wait {not so} patiently to find out the end game.


Book #23 of 2018

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