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Review: Draekora by Lynette Noni

on January 23, 2018

Draekora (The Medoran Chronicles #3)
Lynette Noni
Pantera Press
2017, 435p
Purchased personal copy

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

“I swear by the stars that you and the others slain tonight will be the first of many. Of that you have my word.”

With Aven Dalmarta now hiding in the shadows of Meya, Alex is desperate to save Jordan and keep the Rebel Prince from taking more lives.

Training day and night to master the enhanced immortal blood in her veins, Alex undertakes a dangerous Meyarin warrior trial that separates her from those she loves and leaves her stranded in a place where nothing is as it should be.

As friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Alex must decide who to trust as powerful new allies—and adversaries—push her towards a future of either light… or darkness.

One way or another, the world will change…

This is the third in Australian author Lynette Noni’s Medoran Chronicles about a girl named Alex who walked through a doorway at a new school and stepped into an entirely different world. It mirrors Earth in many ways but many things are different too. Alex attends an exclusive school known as Akernae Academy where she trains and learns. She encountered Aven Dalmarta, a fallen Meyarin prince who tried to force her to become part of his crew. Aven is power hungry with an innate loathing of humans and pretty much everything else but he underestimated Alex’s gift. Now Alex and Aven are edging ever closer to a final showdown and Alex has to be ready. In order for to improve her skills at fighting like a Meyarin, Aven’s brother, the Prince Roka and his captain of the guard type Zain determine that Alex should participate in a warrior trial.

During this trial Alex meets a dragon (known as a draekon) named Xiraxus (Xira) and is taken to his world, far above the one she is currently inhabiting. From there it’s determined that Alex should take advantage of something that has been unexpectedly given and take the opportunity to learn more, not just about fighting but also about history and the person Aven was before hatred and greed twisted him beyond recognition.

This is a very different book to the previous two. Although Alex has a knack for getting herself into trouble, she’s always been surrounded by the people from Akernae, be they her friends or her fellow students in Hunter’s exclusive spy class. In this book Alex is mostly alone, taken to Meya in order to train and compete in the warrior trial and then through a twist of events, she’s taken to a place where she can learn more of what she needs to know. She is strangely alone there, although she does know several of the people around her. She has to use her time wisely to not only improve her physical skills but also gain the mental knowledge and historical background that will help her in various situations. But she also has to be on her guard and watch herself constantly although it seems that she can’t help but meddle a little in various scenarios. Whilst Alex meddles for good reasons, she also ends up being the reason for her own current predicament, which is definitely not a good result of her time in this book!

There was a lot I really liked about this chapter in the story – Alex is really coming into herself. I mean she still gets hurt way more than anyone should ever but she’s also tapping into that part of herself and learning to embrace these things and her future. She is quite funny as she runs around ‘fixing’ things or encouraging things and ‘getting to know’ people. I really enjoyed the sections of the book with Niyx, a very interesting character. Wasn’t too sure about him at first but the further I got into this book the more I realised how fascinating he was. Also I loved Xira and the way in which he and Alex negotiated their new found connection and the bond that developed between them. And also my heart sort of breaks over Xira for reasons I cannot go into as they’re a bit spoilery but I hope there’s a way around this.

There was one thing that I thought was quite predictable – I picked it long before it was revealed and I think that of all the reasons to have chosen for a characters swerve, it was probably the most disappointing one. I was hoping for something a bit more powerful, more meaningful as this does seem to take the ‘special’ trope a bit too far, just in my opinion. I was hoping for a real understanding of something, no matter how evil instead it just seems like a teenager in a rage. And unfortunately, they’re a very powerful teenager!

But apart from that, I really did enjoy this and I think it’s a pretty decent instalment. It is always a bit of a risk when an author deviates a little and shunting a few characters aside for what is pretty much an entire book and replacing them with other ones (albeit ones the reader does already know, for the most part) is a brave move.  I did wish for a bit more Kaiden, I liked him a lot after book 2 and he appears only briefly here in a manifestation but he should be back hopefully in the 4th book. Which is due out in about a week! So reading this now was good timing!


Book #12 of 2018


4 responses to “Review: Draekora by Lynette Noni

  1. Gorgeous cover. The story seems really enthralling too. I enjoyed your review.

  2. melaxinyi says:

    hehe happy that I have holidays.. with a lot of travel time.. just downloaded the 3 in this series! 🙂

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