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Year Of 2017 Reading Wrap Up

on December 31, 2017

Total Books Read: 212
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 113
Male/Female Authors: 20.5/192.5
Kindle Books: 82
Most Prolific Reading Month: March – 24 books
Least Prolific Reading Month: September & November – 14 books

I’m pretty happy with my year in reading for 2017. 212 books means I did meet my Goodreads goal of 200 without having to revise it (like I did last year). It’s an average of around 17 books per month which I feel is about my comfortable amount where I don’t have to think ‘oh god I need to read a book, gosh just read another book’.

In 2017 I read 113 new to me authors which is an average of around 9 new authors a month. I am very pleased about that. Over 50% of the books I read this year were by authors I’d never tried before so it’s all about broadening the horizons! I also read 82 books on my Kindle (iPad in my case) so almost 1 in 3 books I read are electronic. I still have a strong trend towards print books – there’s nothing like buying a new book from a store. Buying eBooks doesn’t really compare, even though I do appreciate the instant gratification.

I read 20.5 books by male authors (some were collaborations with female authors, which is where the weird .5 comes from) which is significantly up on last year’s grand total of 5! In fact in one month this year (August) I read 7 books by male authors which for me, must be something of a record. Most months the figure is around 1 or 2. Most of my taste just seems to gravitate towards the sort of books women write. I read a huge amount of Australian women – this year for the Australian Women Writers Challenge I read 63 books by Australian women. I managed to write reviews for around 60 of them. I’ve been participating in this challenge since its creation and although it’s no real challenge as such, because I naturally gravitate to so many books written by Australian women, it’s nice to be a part of something that supports the efforts of locals and helps to get their voices out there. Many people (specifically critics and those who review for publications) read a lot of books written by men and this was to sort of redress an imbalance.

One of the things I was disappointed about last year was the amount of reviews I wrote and I had vowed to improve it in 2017. I can’t remember how many I specifically wrote last year but this year I wrote and posted reviews for 159 of the 212 books I read. This is about 3 a week and I’m very pleased with that. I had a few times in the year that I dropped off – I was quite sick in the latter part of winter/early part of spring and this did impact on my posting but apart from that I think I’ve kept up a pretty consistent schedule. When I created the blog I aimed to review everything but that wasn’t sustainable and some books I read simply to pass the time or because I’m curious and they’re not really the sort I can sit down and bang out a review for. I think almost 160 is a pretty decent number – around 75%. That’s something I’ll be aiming to do next year as well, all things permitting.

I haven’t made any reading or blogging resolutions yet. I mentioned yesterday that 2018 might be my year of winging it, we’ll see. I have a new blog planner ready to go (in fact it already has numerous commitments for the next couple of weeks) because I have to have one of those to keep myself organised for what reviews I’m posting when. But apart from that, I’ve made no plans, not signed up for anything yet. I’m just going to see how I feel.

Well 2017, that’s a wrap! I hope the year was wonderful for you all, both in books and otherwise. Here’s to 2018.

6 responses to “Year Of 2017 Reading Wrap Up

  1. Lily Malone says:

    Always enjoy your reviews, Bree. Happy New Year xx

  2. Kazen says:

    Congrats on a wonderful 2017. I like that you’re considering “winging it” for 2018 – I’m thinking of doing a year of un-goals, so we’ll see how it goes!

    • Thanks so much! A year of un-goals sounds amazing. I think sometimes I place too much emphasis on things to do that I end up doing less than if I just went with impulse feelings

  3. Lauren K says:

    Happy New Year Bree!

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