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Review: Chrissy And The Burroughs Boy by Cathryn Hein

on August 22, 2017

Chrissy And The Burroughs Boy
Cathryn Hein
2017, 164p
Copy courtesy of the author

Blurb {from}:

No girl forgets her first crush. The least he could do is remember it.

Chrissy James has only been home in small-town Levenham a few weeks when her teenage crush plays hero and saves her from an aggressive drunk. Seven years ago, Nick Burroughs was the school hottie while she was the overweight girl with braces, bad hair, and an unrequited obsession with the sports star every girl in school wanted. Her failed efforts to attract Nick’s attention still burn.

Chrissy sure has his attention now, but she’s older, smarter and focused on settling into her new dream job as wine marketer. No matter how sexy he’s grown, or how keen his interest, Nick will need to do a lot more than see off a drunk if he wants to win her over.

But Chrissy doesn’t count on the determination of a Burroughs boy in love. Nick will do anything to recapture Chrissy’s heart, even if it means acting the romantic fool and embarrassing himself in the process.

Will Nick’s efforts to make amends for the past backfire or will Chrissy’s career thwart everything? Grab this cute small-town romance and find out!

This is a super cute novella set in a familiar world for fans of Cathryn Hein. Chrissy has recently moved back to the area she grew up in and taken a job at a winery working in marketing. She’s very focused and desperately wants to succeed in her career. She also went through a recent break up which makes her wary of men, even when her former high school crush, Nick Burroughs comes around. Chrissy had it bad for Nick in high school but he was a popular sports star and she wasn’t on his radar. Time has changed and now it seems that Nick finds it very hard not to notice Chrissy.

There’s a lot of humour in this – after Chrissy explains the ways in which she believes she humiliated herself attempting to get his attention and failing in high school, Nick realises that the onus is on him to get Chrissy’s attention now and it’s not going to be easy. He’s a pretty down to earth guy, works on his family property, plays footy in the local team and has been best & fairest several seasons but is currently out injured for the present season. It’s obvious he’s popular and probably sought after but he’s single and not afraid to put himself out there once he’s decided that Chrissy is what he wants. I liked that about him – Nick is not the typical aloof hero where the reader nor the heroine can decipher his feelings. He makes them perfectly clear, it’s Chrissy who needs to decide if she can trust in a relationship with Nick.

It can be hard to really feel as though you have enough time to paint a full picture with a novella and I know that I often struggle with them because they can feel a bit rushed, like the characters don’t have enough time to get to know each other. However this book didn’t have that rushed feeling – I felt as though Nick and Chrissy were both given plenty of page time and their fledgling relationship was constructed well. I also liked that the conflict came from an unexpected location.

Nick is Danny’s brother from Santa and the Saddler and Danny and Beth make appearances in this novel, as do several other familiar faces from books also set in this world. This is something I really enjoy because I always like getting a little glimpse into the “after” and this is the country, where people tend to run into each other quite often and are very involved in the local community. It feels like each installment builds on that community but they can still be easily read as stand alone stories.

I really enjoyed this – it’s a well written story for those that like sweet romances with plenty of humour and warm fuzzy feelings. Perfect for any time really – it’s so quick and easy to read, the characters are immediately appealing and there’s a charm in revisiting a familiar place.


Book #136 of 2017

Chrissy and the Burroughs Boy is book #44 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

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