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July Reading Wrap Up

on August 1, 2017

Total Books Read: 16
Fiction: 15
Non-Fiction: 1
Library Books: 1
Books On My TBR List: 3
Books in a Series: 9
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 8
Male/Female Authors: 0/16
Kindle Books: 7
Books I Owned or Bought: 7
Favourite Book(s): Empire Of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, The Day Of The Duchess by Sarah MacLean, Daring To Drive by Manal al-Sharif and Lost For Words by Stephanie Butland
Least Favourite Books: Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 4

Another month gone. I feel like I say the same thing every wrap up but it’s true – this year just seems to be getting away from me. It’s actually kind of depressing. August already!

July was a good, steady reading month. 16 titles, probably three quarters of which I rated a 3/5 or better on Goodreads and I had 4x 5 star reads which is a pretty high amount for me!

Once again I have no TBR planned for August….I currently only have around 5  books for review so I’m really hoping to tackle a few of the books that I’ve had on my shelves for quite a while. The Melbourne Writers Fest also starts this month and I have to admit, I’ve had only a quick glance at the program. There are a few things I may attend but to be honest, it really doesn’t sound like I’ll be there for the 5-6 days that I have been at past festivals, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my parents will be visiting for the last 2 weeks of August and during that time it’s both my oldest son’s 9th birthday and my dad will also celebrate a birthday while they’re here as well. I anticipate that we will be doing quite a lot of stuff while they’re here, which won’t really leave much time for MWF. Secondly the money I would’ve spent at the festival ($200 on tickets, between $2-300 on books, plus extra for travel and meals etc) has been earmarked for something else a little more important. I may still try and squeeze in a session or two in the final weekend if I get time, but at the moment, doesn’t really look like happening. If so it’ll be the first time I haven’t gone since 2011 and I had a pretty good excuse that year….I was about 37 wks pregnant and on notice to pop at any time.

I came across something super interesting on twitter this week that I’m hoping to take part in, which begins August 13th. It’s a month long challenge and I’m hoping to have a post up about joining that this week. It’s definitely a challenge that’s outside of my comfort zone and I’m excited to try something a bit different. It’s been a while since I’ve participated in something like this but it should be good. I’m going to need to do some research too!

Hope you all had a great reading month for July!



One response to “July Reading Wrap Up

  1. Wow you did amazing last month! 4 5 star reads is pretty great. I hope you do well on the month long challenge, good luck!

    What I read in July!

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