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Top 10 Tuesday May 9th 2017

on May 9, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Top 10 Tuesday, created and hosted by the girls at The Broke and the Bookish, featuring a different book-type theme each week. This week we are talking…..

Top 10 Things I Want More Of In Books

  1. Chick Lit Minus The Designer Labels. I really like chick lit. I find them great for when you just want to kick back and read something light and enjoyable but I find that so many chick lit books obsess over Jimmy Choo shoes and Prada handbags or whatever, stuff that’s really out of reach for most people and in fact should be out of reach of pretty much all of the characters. A character can like clothes and shoes, I can just do without the constant namedropping of the same designer brands.
  2. Epic Fantasy Sagas. When I was in high school, I discovered David Eddings and pretty much slayed his backlist in a year. I’ve read a Song of Ice and Fire (well as far as you can currently go) and I’d really love more stuff like this. Chunkster series’ with a wide range of characters, an overall quest, etc. It’s probably out there, I’m just not sure where to start – if you have some recs, throw them at me!
  3. Rural YA. Most YA I read tends to be set in cities (not all, but most) and if it’s Australian those cities are generally Melbourne, Sydney or some sort of vague construction that resembles one of those. I’d love some set in remote QLD or maybe northern WA or the Top End. Something a little different. Likewise for overseas YA….how about rural Montana or Alaska or something? Homesteader YA fiction. That’s something I’d like to read. Can someone write that?
  4. Characters That Aren’t Super Hot. Every now and then I read a book where the characters aren’t conventionally hot and are perhaps even a tad awkward looking and it always makes me think hey, this is actually realistic. Hot is different to different people and it’s certainly possible to find someone more attractive as you get to know their personality. More of that…..less girls that aren’t aware of their stunning beauty and perfect figures and guys that have messy hair and crooked smiles.
  5. More Books Set In University/College. Basically more of Kirsty Eagar’s Summer Skin. I spent several years living in a university residential college and I’m telling you that time is ripe to be tapped. I’d love to see this represented way more – moving out of home for the first time brings a lot of its own challenges and there’s lots of navigating new friendships, relationships, etc. I’d love to see more of this.
  6. More Overseas YA. This kind of ties in with more rural YA but instead of it all being either AU/US/UK I’d love to read some YA set in African countries or South American countries or maybe even places like Kazakhstan or Russia. Places that are super different to where I live. I know that translation can be an obstacle and I’ve no idea how big the markets even are in those countries. But it would definitely interest me.
  7. Glimpses Into The Lives Of Characters I’ve Previously Read. I love it when characters from an authors past story make a cameo. It doesn’t have to be a big one, but I’d love to pick up a Jennifer Echols novel and find that Doug and Zoey from Forget You are now coaching the swim team at the high school of the characters in the new novel or something.
  8. Enemies To Lovers. Eek. I love this so much. More books like The Hating Game by Sally Thorne where the characters banter back and forth but underneath there’s loads of sexual tension.
  9. Different Forms Of Travel. Books that take place on a train like the Indo-Pacific or Ghan in Australia or the Trans-Siberian Railroad or a cruise ship or even a Greyhound Bus. Places where characters can talk and connect and I get to live vicariously through the descriptions of scenery.
  10. A Reversal Of The Helpless Female Trope. Okay in romance novels, the girls are always all swoon, I cannot think when he touches/kisses me even though the rest of the time he is being a giant douche canoe. I would like to see the male helpless and rendered shushed by a kiss or some sexual contact. I always feel like men dominate a lot of sexual interaction in books, would love to see that reversed more often.

Those are just a few of the things I would love to see more of. If you have something that you feel fits any of these categories then definitely let me know!


11 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday May 9th 2017

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    You are so right about designer labels and chick lit. It gets a little boring sometimes! 🙂 Great list!

  2. What a great list of wishes, I can say that everyone was one I would root for! I love 3,4,5 the best… Rural YA is definitely an intriguing one and not one that I’ve seen a lot… It wasn’t as hard to get my own 10 wishes as I initially thought it would be!

  3. Could not agree more about the university setting! Why has no-one realised how juicy that is, plot-wise? I’m sure even younger teens would be interested just to get a taste of what it might be like! And would love to see more travel in books too! Have you read Mosquitoland by David Arnold? That’s all about a girl on the Greyhound 😀 – Maddie x

  4. I really need more books set in college!! It’s like it goes from high school right to either working girl in the city or mom in the suburbs. What happened to college?? You know, where all the fun stuff happens?? A very untapped gold mine if you ask me!

  5. Poinsettia says:

    I definitely agree about the designer labels. I know nothing about fashion, so when those names get tossed around, my eyes glaze over. I’d love glimpses into the lives of characters I’ve previously read. How fun to have a sneak peek at what they’re up to! Great list! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

  6. emmak89 says:

    Great list! It does annoy me that it seems literally all protagonists in YA have to be 17, it’s like the magic age! I agree more set in university would make for interesting reading 🙂

  7. Chick lit is an amazing way to relax your mind and your body! You don’t have to think seriously about every book you read- but the fashion world can get a little confusing for me.

  8. Run Wright says:

    The reversal of the helpless female formed the basis of my list too and chick lit without the designer labels is very appealing to me.
    My list here:

  9. I’d definitely like to read more books set in uni since that’s the stage I’m at in life right now!
    My TTT:

  10. LHauser27 says:

    Hi! Rural YA is a good one. Love this list 🙂
    My TTT

  11. Lauren K says:

    Great list Bree. I too would love to read YA books set in rural locations or more obscure overseas countries than the norm.

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