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February Reading Wrap Up

on March 1, 2017

Total Books Read: 17
Fiction: 17
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 0
Books On My TBR List: 2
Books in a Series: 10
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 11
Male/Female Authors: 1/15 (I read 2 books by the same male author)
Kindle Books: 7
Books I Owned or Bought: 6
Favourite Book(s): Traitor To The Throne by Alwyn Hamilton, The House Of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond
Least Favourite Books: Tequila & Tea Bags by Laura Barnard
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 6

And so we are two months down in 2017 already. February was a hectic month here with settling in the youngest at school and getting back into that morning routine, a few birthdays and an altered work schedule for my husband but I still managed to fit in a good number of books. February was a very steady reading month – lots of 4-star reads that I really enjoyed and a couple of 5-stars. There was really only one book I didn’t enjoy this month which I feel is a good result.

Despite reading 17 books for the month, I actually only managed to read 50% of the TBR pile I constructed for myself for February. So I still have a few left unread – one is the 2nd in a series and I haven’t read the first yet and wasn’t able to source it during this month so I’m putting it aside until I can. Another one was a book I’ve owned for a while now and it’s not going anywhere so I’ll get to it soon.

I have still put together a TBR pile for March – I know I’m not going to get through every book I choose every month but it does give me a starting point to poke through and decide what I’m in the mood for. So here are the books I have to read so far this month:

img_4771This is a super exciting little stack of books – new Nicola Moriarty, new Sally Hepworth. Some awesome sounding YA and a couple of MG novels too, one of which I’m going to be reading with my oldest son, who might also help me out with the review! Close Enough To Touch sounds awesome and The Last McAdam is a rural that already has some good buzz. But…..

TBR pile has competition in the form of new acquisitions!


I had some birthday money left over and ended up picking up these recently. I bought the bottom three during a recent trip into the city and as a bonus, was given the Penguin Super proof as well, which was nice. And someone had recommended The Sun Is Also A Star to me ages ago and I hadn’t seen it until recently so I snapped it up then. I’m so keen to read all of these….going to have to dive in and read non-stop for all of March!

Hope you all had a great February and if you have read anything on my list or are keen to, let me know.

2 responses to “February Reading Wrap Up

  1. I can only wish for all that reading time. Reading vicariously from your reviews!!!!!

  2. What a great stack Bree, all of them really. I thought my pile was good for Feb. 🙂
    I like your TBRs, i’ve read quite a few of them. I will be interested to see your thoughts.

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