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Review: Pregnant By Mr Wrong by Rachael Johns

on February 28, 2017

pregnant-by-mr-wrongPregnant By Mr Wrong (The McKinnels Of Jewell Rock #2)
Rachael Johns
Harlequin Special Edition
2017, 217p
Copy courtesy of the author

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Dear Aunt Bossy,

It’s no secret that my world turned upside down when I learned an impulsive night of passion left me pregnant. And the dad? He’s the devil-may-care brother of my former fiancé. He’s a heartbreaker of a man who swept me off my feet—again—before he learned I was in the family way. But our romantic reunion might not have been as unplanned as I thought.

Aunt Bossy, I don’t want a man who’s with me just because he feels it’s his duty. I want him to be as smitten with me as he is with the idea of becoming a father. As head over heels with me as I am with him…

I have to admit, I don’t often read Mills & Boon novels now. But for a long time, they were my staple – my Nan was a subscriber and from the time I was about 10 or so, she passed a few of the less risque ones onto me to read because I was growing bored of books for kids my age. I also occasionally snuck a few of the racier ones when no one was looking. My mother is a reader but a slow one and the books my Nan passed onto her used to pile up. She never noticed when there were 1 or 2 missing! From the time I was about 13 or 14, my grandmother cut out the middle man and just passed them all onto me and I read them before passing them onto my mother. There was 6 or so a month, plus the occasional special pack but after about 4-5 years, I did begin to lose interest. As everyone knows each category is written very much to a specific formula and when you read a lot of them, they can begin to feel a bit samey. My Nan used to subscribe to the “sexy” line, so bossy heroes (not as bossy as Presents though, I don’t think) and most had a sex scene. There were also “sweet” ones that turned up occasionally which didn’t contain any down and dirty. I think if I’d mixed up the categories a bit more, I’d probably have read them longer.

But they’re a good palate cleanser, they’re quick and you know what you’re going to get when you pick one up. I read the first book in this series, which was titled A Dog and A Diamond in Australia (but I think is titled It’s Not You, It’s Her elsewhere) which introduced us to the large, whiskey-making McKinnel family. The main character in this book Bailey was featured quite significantly in the first book and there was clearly a little something something between her and Quinn McKinnel. That something something becomes quite complicated when Bailey discovers that she’s pregnant to Quinn….who does just happen to be the brother of her former fiance.

Quinn is the sort of guy who doesn’t really do commitment and so Bailey doesn’t exactly rush to tell him that she’s pregnant right away. She needs time to process it, to think it through and wonder if Quinn is going to be the sort of man that she can count on. Quinn in turn is somewhat offended that she didn’t tell him right away, despite readily admitting that he’s generally not the sort of guy one can count on for the long term. He is definitely excited to be a father though and pledges to be very supportive. The chemistry between the two is also off the charts and so it makes sense to try and have a proper go of it.

I liked Bailey – I remembered her story from the first novel quite well although I was rather surprised with what had happened between her and Quinn but it was understandable in a way. She felt very neglected and like she didn’t exist and that can be a very demoralising thing. Despite her rash action with Quinn, she’s still very calm and level headed, the sort of woman who probably has a plan for everything. She’s an events manager/coordinator in her job and therefore definitely has that organisation thing down pat and you could tell she’d have adapted well to being a single mother, if it had to be that way. Quinn however, definitely dives in headfirst and he’s bombarding Bailey with all these things but he doesn’t seem to realise for quite a while that she wants more than just someone to co-parent with. She wants a loving relationship as well but Quinn is still holding onto a lot of baggage from his childhood that really doesn’t seem to allow him to want that for himself. Or to even see it as a possibility for himself.

I enjoyed this – it was a quick and very fun read. Quinn did have some tosspot moments but I really liked the way in which he came to his realisation about his feelings and the quite dramatic way that he declared himself. He and Bailey make a good couple and bring out a lot of positive things in each other. I’m pretty intrigued about several other McKinnel family members as well, they are a big family who have a lot of affection for each other and come together a lot, so you get a chance to get to know them as well.


Book #37 of 2017


Pregnant By Mr Wrong is book #11 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017


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  1. Maybe 1 of these days I will read a Rachael Johns.

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