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Review: Who Killed The Bride? by Lily Malone

on January 9, 2017

who-killed-the-brideWho Killed The Bride? (Butterfly House #1)
Lily Malone
2016, 174p
Copy courtesy of the author

Blurb {via}:

Cally Minter is a woman on the verge of wonderful things. With her best friend Sienna, Cally is about to launch a new tourism venture—Murder Mystery At Butterfly House—in the country town of Cowaramup. All that remains is a final weekend trial with their friends and one very special guest, Brooke Sherman, who represents a prestigious tourism association. A five-star review from Brooke will set the business on its way.

But when Brooke turns out to be different from what Cally expects, the future of Butterfly House teeters on a knife edge. Then Cally’s not-quite boyfriend casts doubt on Brooke’s true motives. One of the famous fibreglass Cowaramup Cows goes missing, and Cally suspects a thief covets more of Butterfly House’s secret treasures.

While their guests solve the mystery of Who Killed The Bride, can Cally and Sienna find the missing cow, catch a light-fingered thief, and make sure their new business doesn’t crash before it can get off the ground?

This is a really fun little cozy mystery set in a small Western Australia town. Cally is the daughter of a very ‘serious’ author and instead of writing Australia’s next literary masterpiece she’s putting her skills to use writing murder mysteries for her new venture. She wants to be able to make nights fun and enjoyable with some intrigue thrown in and she has the perfect location and a great group of friends to help her out playing parts when required. When Brooke from the tourism organisation turns out to be someone completely different to what Cally expects, she panics but manages to think on her feet and rework things to be successful. However weird things start happening almost right away and soon an assortment of unexpected extras, including Cally’s parents and the guy she’s been hoping might become her boyfriend are along for the ride.

There’s plenty of laughs in here and a really cute story that I think has the potential to spin out for quite a few volumes which will be fun. Cally and Sienna are best friends who work really well together and have a great dynamic. Cally’s brother provides an interesting addition as well. And then of course there’s the hot police officer who arrives far too close to the end of the book to be completely satisfactory but hopefully he plays much…..more…..of a role in future installments!

I really enjoyed the setting as well. I’ve lived in small towns (all the way across the entire country, on the east coast of Australia) but there are a lot of things that are similar in each one and Malone captures that essence really well here. There’s a bit of quirk but not too much and some quintessentially Aussie things (lots of cricket!). This is a perfect read for summer – by the pool or at the beach or maybe even if you’ve been dragged along to the cricket by an enthusiastic partner or child (ahem, not that I’d know anything about that).


Book #1 of 2017

aww2017-badgeWho Killed The Bride? is book #1 of my Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

One response to “Review: Who Killed The Bride? by Lily Malone

  1. Lily Malone says:

    Aww, love it – thanks Bree. Most of all I’m glad it gave you a giggle over Christmas. I’m making it a personal mission to convert women to cricket, one at a time… Our family all love the Big Bash each year, even our smallest who is now 7. Cricket is a summer tradition for us.
    Thanks for reading ‘Bride’.

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