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Signing Up For……….2017 European Reading Challenge

on December 9, 2016
Antique Maps of the WorldMap of EuropeNicolas Visscherc 1658

Antique Maps of the WorldMap of EuropeNicolas Visscherc 1658


The other day I was scrolling through the hundreds of blog posts on my feedly and I came across this challenge. I realised that in 2016, I (deliberately) stepped away from challenges as I was a bit burned out from participating in a lot of them to previous years. However, in doing that, I found myself pretty disconnected from the reading community and I struggled to really muster a lot of enthusiasm for reading at various stages throughout this year. I went weeks without picking up a book at times! So for 2017 I am going to ease back into a few challenges, just to give me something to think about in terms of choosing books to read from the piles I have! This one I picked because living in Australia, I read a huge amount of books set locally and I find that reading books set in Europe gives me so many different experiences. It’s always good to mix it up and books with European settings give me a good chance to do that.

The challenge is hosted over at Rose City Reader and you can check out this post here for all of the information involving it. Because I’m easing myself back into challenges and reorganising my reading and blog this coming year, I’m not going to just automatically select the highest level like I normally would. Instead I’m going to go for somewhere in the middle, so for me that is:

THREE STAR (BUSINESS TRAVELER): Read three qualifying books.

I may read more, who knows. But I feel as though this gives me the chance to participate without having to make me stress out about the amount of books I need to read for challenges. I think finding a few different challenges and keeping my numbers reasonable for each one will help broaden my horizons but not make me panic when I get to October or something and discover I haven’t yet ticked off something for a challenge!

For this challenge, I’d love to find at least one book that’s set somewhere ‘different’…. ie not the standard western Europe countries that I am more familiar with in my reading. Somewhere that I either haven’t read a single book set there or have only read very few. So that’d be somewhere like Albania, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovakia etc. There are  lots of places that count towards this really! I need to research this, try and find some likely candidates.


One response to “Signing Up For……….2017 European Reading Challenge

  1. Lauren K says:

    Good luck with your reading challenges in 2017 🙂
    2016 wasn’t a big year for reading for me either 😦 I’ll probably just sign up for the AWW challenge, because like you most of the books I read fall into that category anyway.

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