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Signing Up For……The Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

on December 7, 2016

aww2017-badgeThe Australian Women Writers Challenge is heading into its 6th year and I’m signing up to do the challenge again. I have to admit, even when my reading/reviewing falls apart I still find this a very doable challenge because Australian female authors make up so much of my natural reading. Even though I’ve really slacked off a bit this year (more so with reviewing, rather than reading) I’ve still managed to read probably over 40 books that fit the requirements of the challenge so far and review over 20. Where I’ve really fallen down is remembering to link my reviews up on the AWWC site. Often I’m not actually home when my scheduled posts go live and I really just forget to go back and link them up! I’m going to make a big effort to do better than that next year.

I tend to leave my challenge open for this…..just read/review as many as I can but next year I noticed there’s a bit of an emphasis on classics and that sounds interesting because it’s an area I definitely do not find represented in my reading. So in my own extra personal challenge I’d like to read and review 3 classics by Australian female writers. A small number but it’s 3 more than I’ve read in the entire time I’ve been doing the challenge!

If this is something you’d like to do too, sign ups are open here where you can find out more about the challenge and also the little extras and social aspects of the challenge as well.

2 responses to “Signing Up For……The Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

  1. I am shocking for linking my reviews as well. I set what I think is a doable figure because it’s such a large part of my reading too but classics…. not sure I could commit to that.
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you go.

  2. vikzwrites says:

    I’m not very good at linking either. I am doing the challenge again this year. Good luck with your challenge. Good reading

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