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July Reading Wrap Up & Melbourne Writers Fest Sessions

on August 2, 2016

Total Books Read: 14
Fiction: 14
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 0
Books On My TBR List: 2
Books in a Series: 10
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 10
Male/Female Authors: 1/13
Kindle Books: 12
Books I Owned or Bought: 9
Favourite Book(s): The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Least Favourite Books: The Fairy Tale Bride by Kelly McClymer, The Taming of the Bastard by L.A. Dale
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 1

To be honest, the less said about July’s reading efforts, the better. I read one book that I absolutely loved (and might be excessively still re-reading bits of) and about 3-4 that were pretty good. The rest were just filler, things I read to put me to sleep at night.

I started quite a few books in July and put them aside because……death. I just can’t even with death books at the moment. Especially surprise death or illness. Books that you pick up thinking oh this should be quite light and then bam! character gets hit with some sort of horrid terminal cancer. Or one that looks like a nice women’s fic or romance and then the main male character ends up dying of a brain bleed or something at the end of the book. I just don’t want to read these types of things right now. So right now my house has a pile of books I’ve tossed aside for being Yet Another Cancer Book or Book That Lulled Me Into A False Sense of Security. Sometimes I’m fine with tear jerkers, books that attack my feels but now… just not one of those times. Down with that sort of thing. If I pick up a book and it’s got that vibe or hits me with Unexpected Cancer/Tragedy etc, it’s getting tossed aside.

The Melbourne Writers Fest program was released in July, as were tickets. To be honest (this is quite shameful) I’d forgotten about it. Normally I’m hanging out in June/July waiting for the program but I didn’t even realise this year until the day of its release! Once I had a look though I was pretty interested and I bought myself a 10-pack pass and set about chucking some sessions onto it. I’ve half filled it so far, I’ll decide on the rest a bit later once I’ve sorted out what is happening family-wise the two weekends I’ll be going. But here’s what I’ve signed up for so far:

Saturday 27th August

  • Justin Cronin: The Passage. Woo, I’m a big fan of The Passage and The Twelve. Shamefully I’ve bought City Of Mirrors but I haven’t read it yet. I feel as though I need to prob re-read the other two before I do.
  • Liane Moriarty: Truly Madly Guilty. Also a big fan of Liane Moriarty. Loved her last couple of books and bought her most recent to read before I attend this session.

Sunday 28th August

  • YA Superstars. The fabulous Danielle Binks of Alpha Reader fame is hosting this session with David Levithan and Rainbow Rowell!
  • Melina Marchetta: Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil. Yessss, I’ve seen Melina Marchetta before at MWF and this one is about her newest book (and first adult book!). Can’t wait for this.

Sunday 4th September

  • Lionel Shriver: The Mandibles. I am a huge Lionel Shriver fan. Love so many of her books. I was a bit cranky when I missed out on this session (it was scheduled to be in a stupidly small venue) but they switched it to a much bigger venue and I snatched up a ticket after they made the change. Out of everyone, I think she’s the author I’m most looking forward to hear speak. I’ve never been to see her before and she’s such an amazing writer with the most incredible vocab and I’ve read quite a few interesting pieces she’s written. I think this session should be ah-may-zing!

Potential Sessions To See:

  • Anna Funder: The Art of Fiction
  • Writing Family
  • Fantasy Fiction (Lev Grossman & Rainbow Rowell)
  • Wiradjuri Stories (Stan Grant & Anita Heiss)
  • A Shrinking Democracy? (Gillian Triggs – bet she’d be interesting to listen to and Bob Carr)
  • Writing Gender (C.S. Pacat, Nick Earls & Jacinta Halloran)
  • Miles Franklin Award: Meet The Winner
  • The Marriage Enigma
  • Barracuda: From Page To Screen
  • Talking Text Classics

Some of the above most likely clash and obviously I can’t attend them all – only have 5 slots left on my pass. I still have to decide which ones I want to go to. Will hopefully sort that out in the next couple of days. I’m hoping also that MWF kickstarts me back into a better frame of mind, reading wise. I’m excited to get to the Moriarty/Marchetta books and I always end up buying some others during my days in Melbourne too.

I’m off to start Truly Madly Guilty in preparation.



One response to “July Reading Wrap Up & Melbourne Writers Fest Sessions

  1. Kate W says:

    It’s a great MWF line-up, isn’t it? I’m going to see Shriver’s closing address and Tsiolkas’s talk on Barracuda. I’ve seen them both speak about their books before and both were brilliant. I actually think Shriver has given the most interesting author talks I’ve ever been to. I’m hoping to get to a few more sessions – will see how much I can cram in!

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