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May Reading Wrap Up

on May 31, 2016

Total Books Read: 47
Fiction: 47
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 0
Books On My TBR List: 5
Books in a Series: 45
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 15
Male/Female Authors: 0/47
Kindle Books: 46
Books I Owned or Bought: 39
Favourite Book(s): The Hitwoman and the 7 Cops, The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels, The Hitwoman and the Neurotic Witness by JB Lynn, Devil In The Deadline by LynDee Walker, The Things I Didn’t Say by Kylie Fornasier and A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester
Least Favourite Books: Chloe Babineaux Private Investigator by Lisa Clancey
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 2

I knew when I wrote my April wrap up three weeks ago that the May one was going to be ridiculous and it is. I discovered cozy-style mysteries in May and ripped my way through several series’ worth, going from book to book to book finding escape from the sadness I felt throughout most of the month. Most of the books aren’t long, not the length of regular paperbacks or at least they didn’t feel that way when I was reading 2-3 a day lol. I spent the first part of the month reading the first 14 books in the Neurotic Hitwoman series, which I really liked until late in the 14th book when the author either clumsily staged some sort of diversion or equally clumsily, blew up the ‘ship’ I’d been following the entire series. It made me irrationally furious – so much so that I don’t think I’ll keep reading when the next one comes out. I moved on to other series’ – two I really enjoyed are the Rose Strickland Mysteries by Terri L. Austin and the Headline In High Heels series by LynDee Walker. I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment in both of those and I’m pretty glad my obsessiveness in trying a bunch of free books and surfing around trying to find other similar style books led me to both of those.

Some of the series I tried were just ok or didn’t really work for me and so I abandoned them after the first book and moved on to something else. A lot of the first books are free on iBooks, so it’s easy to try a bunch of them and see what you like and then purchase the next ones. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about how much money I spent on eBooks in May. Probably more than I’ve spent in the last 2 years all up! I haven’t looked at my receipts although it wasn’t enough to make my husband come in and go “What’s with all these Apple charges?” when he looked at the bank accounts. Because they’re just little amounts, $2.99-$6.99 I think, it’s not much different to going out and buying a coffee and a muffin or something each day. I did mentally add up close to $200 worth of purchases though, so I kind of reined myself in a bit after that! I also won’t spend much more than $8-9 on an eBook, so if I looked at a series and the books were all $13.99 or $14.99, I moved on. I’d rather spend a few more bucks and get the paperback version (if it exists). If there’s no print version, well tough luck for me.

June will be a much more sedate reading month but a busy posting month as I have quite a few blog tours to prepare for!


3 responses to “May Reading Wrap Up

  1. 47 books, wow! I’m lucky to read 1 or 2 a month these days with a little one 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    impressive reading month.
    i hope june has gone well, i look forward to reading the wrapup

  3. […] I always thought I should do something like that and never got around to it. So thanks Bree from All The Books I Can Read for the brilliant idea, my reading months will never compare with […]

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