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Top 10 Tuesday March 29th

on March 29, 2016


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish featuring a different topic each week. This week:

My Ten Ok, Fourteen Most Recent 5* Reads

  1. Eleven Scandals To Start To Win A Duke’s Heart by Sarah MacLean is my most recent 5-star read. The third in the love by numbers series it features a very uptight Duke and a half-Italian volatile heroine. I enjoyed this whole series but….this one was my fave and should be on every fan of historical romance’s reading list.
  2. The Chosen, by Kristina Ohlsson. Another awesome installment of the Alex Recht and Fredrika Bergman Swedish crime series. These books are the very best blend of grisly and/or shocking crimes combined with thoughtful, methodical police work by two characters who work well together and step a little outside the usual box for characters in this genre.
  3. The Yearbook Committee, by Sarah Ayoub. Australian YA fiction. I loved Ayoub’s first book, Hate Is Such A Strong Word and this, her second offering is also very good. It’s about a collection of high school students thrown together to work on their class yearbook….and the surprising way in which they creep into each other’s lives. It’s also pretty heartbreaking!
  4. Darkest Place Already Dead, by Jaye Ford. Although these two novels were released a year or so apart, I read them almost one after the other. Jaye Ford is a fantastic Australian suspense author who doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for her well-crafted and exciting stories that always contain a thread of very believable ‘it could happen to me’ and just a smidge of romance too.
  5. Outback Sisters, by Rachael Johns. The fourth installment of the incredibly popular Bunyip Bay series and a great showcase of a very popular genre here atm, rural romance.
  6. Summer Skin, by Kirsty Eagar. This author is in the top echelon of YA/NA authors not just in Australia but everywhere. This is another amazing story revolving around a poorly represented (in fiction) part of adolescence here, residential halls at university. Definitely a must-read.
  7. The Neapolitan Quartet, by Elena Ferrante. Cheating here a little and putting these four together as one because they’re a cohesive whole. They’re everything that’s being said about them and worth the hype. Nothing is known about the author, she writes under a pseudonym but really the only thing that needs to be known is that she can tell a story.
  8. King’s Rising, by C.S. Pacat. Last in the Captive Prince series. Basically, Damianos & Laurent forever.
  9. April’s Rainbow, by Cathryn Hein. A very cute novella about love and grief written solely from the male perspective. Unique and sweet.
  10. Legacy Of Hunter’s Ridge, by Sarah Barrie. Romantic suspense that dealt with some interesting issues and was a great set up for a few future installments. This one kept me on the edge of my seat!

These are actually all the books I’ve rated 5-stars on Goodreads for 2016….some 14 of them which shows how good a year this is shaping up to be. Last year I rated 19 books 5-stars over the entire year! I learned a few things from writing out this little list….

  • Firstly, my heritage shows through clearly in my inclusion of local authors. 7/10 authors are Australian.
  • There are no male authors on my list. I read a lot of female authors. I just looked back over everything I’ve read for 2016 so far (60 books) and unless Elena Ferrante turns out to be a man, I’ve read just one book from a male author this year.
  • There’s a bit of variety here! Historical romance, young adult, suspense/thriller, Swedish crime, literary fiction, fantasy, m/f romance, m/m romance, series, stand alone, etc. Hopefully something for everyone!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter! Looking forward to hopefully getting lots of recommendations from everyone’s posts.


9 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday March 29th

  1. Margareta says:

    I have recently read THE SOLDIERS CURSE by Meg and Tom Keneally, the first in the Monsarrat series. It moved slowly but with great rhythm. I enjoyed it.

  2. Yeeeesssss to MacLean’s Eleven Scandals to Start […]. Reading this series last year, I never thought that the novel featuring the uptight duke that has graced his presence (heh) in the previous two novels would become my favourite of the group xD And of course Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels are fantastic; I can’t wait to check out her standalone novels at some point 🙂

    My TTT

    • Yes, I’m definitely planning to read Elena Ferrante’s stand alone novels as well! The Neapolitan Quartet is amazing. And if I had 100 books to read that were as good as Eleven Scandals, I would be -so- happy lol. Those are the sort of books I look for as comfort reads

  3. I am not familiar with your selections but now I have my radar up for more good ones. My TTT

  4. Jess says:

    This is an awesome list and I totally agree re: Jaye Ford.
    She’s such an amazing author. I couldn’t sleep after the last book, especially not whilst reading it!
    I’ve included some of the same books on my top ten 5 star list too, and I’ve added a bunch of your books to my TBR too… I’ve never heard of Sarah MacLean before, but I think I might have to track one or two of hers down pronto after what you said.
    Much like yourself I found that my list was 90% Aussie female writers too, and that I’m lacking male writers now. I used to read just male writers (not by choice, it just happened) and now I’ve flipped. It’s so odd to notice the patterns though.

    • Thank you! I’m glad to find another Jaye Ford fan, her books are very underrated I think. I find them impossible to put down. Last year I tried to aim for a bit more balance in my reading, in attempting to read more books by men but this year I haven’t bothered lol. I’m just reading whatever takes my fancy at any time so atm it’s very heavily weighted towards women authors.

  5. Dawnie says:

    Such a fantastic list!
    I had a few of them on my to buy list and your list made them push up a bit in the ranks. And you also added a few to my TBR since a few i never heard of before and they sound fantastic so clearly now i have to read them, so thanks 🙂

    My TTT:

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