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Review: Emergency Response by Nicki Edwards

on December 23, 2015

Emergency ResponseEmergency Response (Escape To The Country #2)
Nicki Edwards
Momentum Publishing (Pan Macmillan AUS)
2015, 276p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Running away didn’t solve anything … at least, not the first time.

Intensive care nurse Mackenzie Jones is no stranger to running. As a teenager she fled her family home, leaving tragedy and loss in her wake. Now, after fifteen years alone in Sydney, with the strain of working in a city hospital wearing her thin, she’s tempted to run again.

Mackenzie jumps at the chance to work in a mining town in the Western Australian desert – anything to lift her spirits. Though she barely dares to hope, she wonders if she might find the kind of love that can ease her loneliness.

In the outback, Nathan Kennedy is at a loose end. He’s been making money in the mines for years, and pressure from his family to return to the east coast, settle down and get married is reaching fever pitch. The problem is, he hasn’t met the right woman.

When Mackenzie turns up in town, there’s an instant attraction between her and Nathan, maybe even true love. But tragedy’s not done with Mackenzie Jones – the past is about to catch up with her in more ways than one.

Can Nathan convince Mackenzie to stop running, or is this just another tragedy in the making?

This is the second of Nicki Edwards’ Escape to the Country series and focuses on a friend of Kate’s from the first novel, Mackenzie Jones, who works in a big city hospital, and Kate’s brother Nathan who works in the mines in Western Australia. Mackenzie and Nathan enjoy some good conversations when they come together for a special occasion and Mackenzie finds herself applying to work in the Pilbara in the Emergency Department of the local hospital. Not only does it give her a chance to broaden her skills and deal with a different type of hospital, but it also allows her to spend some more time with Nathan and get to know him a little better.

In the last 12 months my husband has spent some time in hospital having two operations and so I’ve become pretty interested in books that deal with nursing and the role of care giving in hospital. I’ve read the first in this series and enjoyed the role that Kate’s job as a nurse played and this one was exactly the same. Mackenzie’s job in the Pilbara sounds really interesting and quite broad – you would face quite a few different scenarios in a remote hospital in the Pilbara than you would in a hospital in Sydney and I thought all of that was awesome to read. All of the procedures and situations are well explained and you get equal parts the sense of urgency but also the rationality and levelheadedness that must prevail in difficult situations.

Mackenzie has a job that can be busy and stressful and although she’s a 35yo woman there are times when she honestly felt like a much younger character than that – like someone fresh out of university. She has some hang ups about her physical appearance, so different to her five younger sisters and she carries a lot of insecurities about her upbringing and her role within her family. This spills over into her fledgling romance with Nathan, which gets off the ground in the Pilbara with several dates and a camping trip. The both of them are clearly attracted to each other but there are a few misunderstandings and stop-starts in their relationship culminating in Mackenzie having to return home after a family incident. She’s very adamant against a long distance relationship and doesn’t seem to really want to let Nathan in – in fact she seems quite willing to write the relationship off very easily despite the fact that he seems keen to support her or wait for her. I kind of wanted to shake her a bit at times, because she seems to rehash the same things over and over in her head and instead of confronting her issues (which, to be honest, would clear up a lot of things in about three minutes) she buries her head in the sand and pretends that they don’t exist.

The romance in this series is quite chaste and very low key – closed bedroom doors and very little detail which tends to work well with the overall tone. I enjoyed Mackenzie and Nathan together and particularly liked the way that Nathan was kind of the one to tackle the issues and conflict that cropped up in their burgeoning relationship. I liked him when he was introduced in the previous book and I think he made a good transition to hero in this novel. I prefer my romance novels with a little more spice but a change is as good as a holiday and I’ve burned through this series pretty quickly. This one is I feel, the best of them.


Book #202 of 2015


This is book #89 of my Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. Sorry to hear your husband has been in hospital. I hope he’s experienced some great care from the awesome nursing and medical staff. I hope you’ll give the next two books in the series the same consideration you’ve given the first two. Much appreciated. x

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