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Top Ten Tuesday 15th December

on December 15, 2015


It’s been a little while since I’ve been motivated to do a Top 10 Tuesday (hosted of course, by The Broke & the Bookish). But I always enjoy doing a top 10 reads of the year and that’s our theme this week so I went back through my goodreads list of everything I read this year and pulled out everything I gave 5 stars to, which means a rating of 9 or 10 on my blog (probably mostly 9s. I don’t rate many a perfect 10!). I rated 19 books 5 stars and from there I chose my favourites for this list (in no particular order):

Top 10 Reads Of 2015

Every Move

  1. Every Move, by Ellie Marney. Eeek the third and final book in the Every series! I looooved the first two as well and it took me ages to find the third one and I was so excited for it. You know when you’re really excited for something and you wonder whether or not it’s going to live up to your expectations? Well this book did all of that and more. I adore the chemistry between Mycroft and Rachel. In fact I loved this so much I couldn’t even write a proper review for it. I just kept sighing and gushing every time I tried.

Harry Mac

2. Harry Mac by Russell Eldridge. I love books set in Africa and this one is set in a tumultuous political time of the 1960’s, told through the eyes of a young boy named Tom who is just beginning to understand some of the stuff that is going on around him. It’s beautifully written, very evocative and I just loved it.

Red Queen

3. The Red Queen, by Isobelle Carmody. The final book in the Obernewtyn series dropped this year and even though it wasn’t perfect, it was still a heck of a ride with some amazing storytelling, some beautiful moments and the bittersweet element I’d come to expect from Carmody’s writing. I loved being a part of this series for twenty years and I had to include it here for nostalgic reasons as well as enjoyment of the story itself.

Prince's Gambit

4. Prince’s Gambit by C.S. Pacat. Book #2 of the Captive Prince series. I was given a bind up of the first 2 books in this series when it was released by the Australian publisher and I devoured them. I wouldn’t have probably chosen them myself but the publicist gave me a heck of a pitch and urged me to give it a go and I’m glad I did. This series is addictive and the end of the second book was OMFG amazing and it’s been a wait for the third book but it’s not long now – February! So yay!

Simon Vs

5. Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. I loved this book from the first page. Simon is a funny narrator and his email exchange with Blue was adorable. I loved the way it played out and it was just one of those books that made me feel really good about life.

Armed & Fabulous

6. The Lexi Graves Mysteries, by Camilla Chafer. I’m including this whole series here even though I only rated one 5/5 (the other 7 I rated 4/5) because I found these books at a time when I wasn’t reading and nothing really interested me. This first one, Armed & Fabulous was free on iBooks and I read it months ago and then forgot about it and then was going through my iBooks and re-read it because I was looking for something that was a series that I could get into. I immediately downloaded the rest of them and read all 8 of them in a couple of days. It’s fun and it was exactly what I needed to get me back reading again, back enjoying books. Lexi is sassy and determined and I really like her dynamic with Soloman. Awaiting bk9!

Luke Livingstone

7. The Secret Life Of Luke Livingstone, by Charity Norman. I read this way back at the beginning of the year but it stuck with me. Luke has been married for 30 years and he’s carefully cultivated a secret his whole life. It’s about to come out and now everyone is going to know who the true Luke really is. This book was beautifully written and Luke was an amazing character. It’s such a sensitive exploration of a really difficult topic (one that has been in the press significantly since this book’s publication) and I know it’s one of those books I’ll always remember.


8. Cloudwish, by Fiona Wood. Another book that I adored but I read it just before my husband was informed of his latest medical issue so I never got around to finding the time to write a review as it all got swallowed up with his surgery and post op care. But this book is just amazing – Australian YA at its very best, dealing with multiculturalism, the socioeconomic divide in high school, the pressure faced to do well for parents have experienced so much and sacrificed so much and the flush of ….what? with an entirely unsuitable boy. Or is he? I need to read this again, it’s the sort of book that needs to be devoured at first….and then savoured.

Wednesday Group

9. The Wednesday Group, by Sylvia True. I read this way back in March but like The Secret Life of Luke Livingstone, it stuck with me. It revolved around a group of women selected to meet in a weekly support group. All of the women had faced betrayal and heartache, although some were still in denial about their situation. The support group is not without its heated moments and the way in which these stories unfold is fascinating. It was always very much about the women, their feelings and their confusion. It left me wanting so much more, but in a good way – I’d become so invested in these women that I needed to know more about what happened after the book concluded.

Outback Promise

10. Outback Promise, by Maggie Bolitho. I only read this recently and it absolutely blew me away! Never thought I’d include a book with infidelity on my top 10 of any year…. This was a heartbreaking look at the disintegration of a marriage after a couple lost their beloved son. Beautifully written and deeper than first expected.

So it took much longer than I thought actually, but these are my top 10 reads of 2015. Honourable mentions going out to: So Far Into You by Lily Malone, The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns, Hush, Little Bird by Nicole Trope, A Dangerous Arrangement by Lee Christine, The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay and Northern Heat by Helene Young.

See you next week for 10 Books I’d Like Santa To Bring Me!



6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday 15th December

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    It makes me so happy to see Simon on so many lists 🙂 I’m glad that people are loving that book! 🙂

  2. Bethany says:

    You’ve inspired me to make Top Ten. A good way to review the books I have read this year. Thanks!

  3. Jazmin Jade says:

    Penguin were nice enough to send me a copy of The Red Queen and then I was lucky enough to get it signed, so now I am about to start the enjoyment of reading the series for the first time 😀

  4. SIMON!!! Yes! One of my favorites this year too – My TTT!

  5. _giovannard says:

    I’m Dying to read Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda!
    Great List!

    My TTT! 😀

  6. Allyson says:

    I read the first Obernewtyn book ages ago, and never wanted to continue cause I knew the last book was taking a long time to come out. Now maybe I can actually pick it back up again 🙂

    My TTT.

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