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Review & **GIVEAWAY**: Between The Vines by Tricia Stringer

on December 9, 2015

Between The VinesBetween The Vines
Tricia Stringer
Harlequin MIRA AUS
Copy courtesy of the publisher/Morey Media

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

She’s given up everything for love: it could be the biggest mistake of her life…

Taylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any man on a whim, but then on a hen party trip to a Coonawarra vineyard, she meets Edward Starr. Gorgeous and charismatic, Edward is enough to make any girl give up her flat and job in Adelaide and move to the country.

So it’s something of a shock that when she gets there, Edward is nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to admit she may have made a mistake and return home in disgrace, Taylor accepts the job that Edward’s younger brother Pete offers her and throws herself into her work, keen to learn as much as she can about the wine trade.

Taylor is thrilled when Ed returns, but she quickly discovers he may not be the man she thought he was. Her growing friendship with Pete causes tension between the brothers who have fallen out over a woman in the past. That’s not the only source of conflict: Pete has a dream to save the family vines, Edward’s dreams lie elsewhere.

As the lies and deceit grow, matters come to a head in the vibrant and demanding vintage season. Will Taylor’s dream of a new life and love between the vines come true? Or is there only heartbreak ahead?

It’s weird, because I don’t really like or drink wine, even though I’ve tried several times to get into it but I love reading books set in vineyards. I find the process really interesting and this book takes place mostly around a family vineyard and it makes for a really incredible setting.

Taylor is kind of stuck in a rut when on a hens trip with her friends, she meets the handsome and charming Edward Starr. To be a bit honest, I found it a bit of a stretch she would head back down to stay (?) with Edward after really just a couple of dates, although she did have limited options at the time. It felt a tiny bit flimsy but everything that came after that felt much stronger as Taylor found her niche in the vineyard and began to navigate the tricky dynamics between Edward and his brother Pete as well as the other workers.

Edward and Pete have different visions for the vineyard – Pete wants to focus on developing a certain wine, making it into their signature vintage. This will take time though, whereas Edward wants to expand and not put all of their eggs in one basket. The brothers have been at odds since the loss of their parents and they really struggle to see each other’s point of view, rarely even finding the time to sit down and have a proper conversation. They project their views at each other, not to each other and it’s up to Taylor, with her degree in marketing, to make them sit down and work out how they might be able to achieve the things that they both want.

The situation becomes awkward when it becomes clear that Taylor and Edward’s initial attraction isn’t going anywhere and that her attention now seems focused on Pete, the quieter brother. It adds another element to the already simmering sibling rivalry. Add in some potential sabotage and this book is a melting pot of tension. Both Edward and Pete are suspicious of each other and they are both doing things behind the other’s back. Edward is also torn between not really wanting Taylor in the way that he thought he did, but also not wanting her to be with Pete either. Taylor sees what she can do and she does it, despite the fact that there isn’t always as much support for her working there as there could be.

As I mentioned, I really loved the setting! Learning about the winemaking aspect was really interesting. When I went to my first university, it was located on the western outskirts of a capital city and offered a degree in viticulture and winemaking, which two of the people from my floor in the residential hall were doing. It was a small degree and the university grew its own grapes and made its own wine and when they needed to pick grapes, they got the students to rope in a few friends, so one year I got to spend the day grape picking. I wasn’t around for the actual process that came after that, which was a bit of a pity because it did sound really fascinating and I loved a lot of the explanations in this book – they weren’t too involved but they gave you enough of an idea.

I really enjoyed this book, getting to know the characters and the intricate workings of the winery. I kind of hope that Tricia Stringer revisits in the future, maybe gives one of the other characters their own book at some stage. It makes for a great lazy summer read, preferably whilst sipping a nice wine if you’re into that sort of thing! I will keep trying to find the one for me – so far I only really like one wine, a chilled red made by a local family vineyard up near where my parents live. I’m heading that way next week, so I think a visit to there is in order and after reading this, I think I’ll look at it with very different eyes.



Between The Vines is book #72 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015


And now for the exciting bit! Thanks to the publisher/Morey Media I have three print copies of Between The Vines to give away! This is open to Australian residents only please. Simply fill in the form below to enter. Entries close Christmas Eve at 9pm AEDST.

**Please note: I will be interstate on holiday between December 16 and January 10. Books will be shipped out on my return**

2 responses to “Review & **GIVEAWAY**: Between The Vines by Tricia Stringer

  1. Mary Preston says:

    A fabulous opportunity thank you.

  2. michelletw says:

    I have just finished this one as well and I loved it. I am not a wine person by any stretch either.
    I would love her to revisit and tell Edwards story, much as I disliked him I think there is a lot too him.

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