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Review: No Room For Error by Julie Moffett

on December 7, 2015

No Room For ErrorNo Room For Error (Lexi Carmichael #7)
Julie Moffett
Carina Press
2015, 276p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Trouble follows me, Lexi Carmichael, like a little black cloud. At least according to my boyfriend, Slash: brilliant hacker, national treasure and vault of secrets. Even I have to admit he could be right. 

After a series of high-profile cases at my cyberintelligence firm, I was looking forward to a simple job. All I had to do was personally deliver a revolutionary microchip to a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Easy, right?


Someone else wants the design and is willing to kill to get it. A failed
hijacking attempt lands me, my best friend Basia and our boss, Finn, in the middle of the jungle. Our mission is clear: protect the microchip design from the hijackers on our tail…and survive. But how can a geek girl like me survive without access to my beloved technology? I’m about to find out. And this time, there’s no room for error. 

This is the 7th book in the Lexi Carmichael series and I’ve been reading from the very beginning. I do enjoy them but I have to say, I feel as though this one and the previous one have really kind of stepped the ‘danger’ element up a gear with Lexi travelling to Africa to rescue one of the Zimmerman twins in the previous book and being in a plane crash in a remote jungle in this book. I enjoyed the African element but I’m not sure I really found a connection with the level of danger that Lexi, Basia and Finn found themselves in during this adventure. In many ways, it felt a bit of a stretch of the imagination to settle in, more of a stretch than I was really capable of. I enjoyed parts of it but other parts….it just didn’t work for me.

The gist is Lexi’s friends the Zimmerman twins have invented some whackadoodle piece of technology I don’t really understand for someone somewhere and it has to be flown personally to some factory somewhere where it can be manufactured. Neither Xavier nor Elvis are well enough to travel with it due to the injuries they sustained in the previous adventure so they ask Lexi to accompany the technology for them on a private plane. Finn goes as well despite the fact that he really hasn’t had an active role in these books for a while now and of course, Basia goes along because of course, she speaks every language they ever seem to need when doing some sort of job. Her character has never resonated with me but never more so than in this book. I feel like so much of the time she’s dropped into the plot to save the day in some way but mostly she just seems incredibly unnecessary.

I really like Lexi and the way she approaches problems. She knows she’s smart and can solve work related things and she also knows that she’s socially awkward and that she needs to ‘conduct research’ generally to find out what is the accepted behaviour or whatever, in certain situations. This can have a charm about it but sometimes it does verge into awkward territory and it does in this book and I think I have to blame Basia for that too actually. I love Slash, he’s really grown on me throughout the books and I love the way that the author has developed his relationship with Lexi. He’s clearly light years ahead of her in many things but he’s also utterly charmed with her too and it’s really obvious to the reader, even when Lexi isn’t picking up on the clues. The two of them have been moving toward more serious territory and mostly it’s a lot of fun to read as Lexi settles into a proper relationship and learns to navigate and express her feelings. However the character of Slash is getting a little close to jumping the shark with all these different things that keep getting revealed about him. Slash’s most interesting feature for me isn’t his mysterious job or his unusual upbringing or his surprising random skills but the way in which he relates to Lexi and the way in which he simply accepts her. Even when she does crazy things out of (seemingly) no where. I was in two minds about the lengths he went to in order to attempt to keep her safe in this story – was it caring and probably well thought out or was it a bit creepy? I suspect on anyone else, it might’ve been a bit creepy. But Lexi is Lexi and people keep attempting to kill her so really it was probably just clever thinking and attempting to take all possible precautions!

This one isn’t my favourite of the series, but I still liked it. I look forward to each new installment and I’m really enjoying Lexi’s character progression. Thankfully she is evolving and changing because there’s nothing worse than reading books in a series where nothing ever changes. Lexi is always learning and moving forward and trying to navigate new situations both personally and professionally and I do really appreciate that.


Book #143 of 2015





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