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Review: Cherry Season by Trish Morey

on November 30, 2015

Cherry SeasonCherry Season
Trish Morey
Pan Macmillan AUS
2015, 352p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Blurb {from the publisher/}:

Dan Faraday is too busy for love. With the long hours running the family orchard, he doesn’t have time to date. If he did, he would be looking for someone that fits into his ten year plan. Someone traditional, reliable and dependable – someone like him.

Someone the opposite of beautiful drifter Lucy Mariano. A free spirit who chases the moment rather than a paycheque, she’s only in town for the cherry picking season. While she’s tempted to see how cute Dan could be if only he smiled, she’s not going to stick around to wait and see.

But the cherry trees aren’t the only things blossoming, and Lucy and Dan are increasingly drawn to one another. In spite of their differences, each begins to wonder if maybe they have a future after all.

With the weight of Dan’s family’s legacy on his shoulders and Lucy afraid to lose the freedom and adventure of the open road, can Dan give Lucy a reason to put down roots before the seasons change?

Recently I picked up one of Trish Morey’s earlier novel, Stone Castles as a free read on iBooks when I was browsing. I’ve never read any of her books before but I knew I had this one in my TBR and so I thought I’d add Stone Castles just in case I loved this one. That turned out to be a good decision because I really enjoyed this book and now I can’t wait to read more Trish Morey!

Lucy is a drifter, always has been. Her mother never stayed long in one place and Lucy has followed in her footsteps, winging her away around the world on little more than a feeling. She leaves behind the room she’s been renting in Melbourne, intending to head to Sydney only things don’t turn out quite that way. Instead she finds herself on a truck to Adelaide belting out country songs. She is told she should head up into the hills rather than to the beach – it’s picking season and there’s bound to be some work.

Dan is everything Lucy is not. Where Lucy lives her life wild and free with never a plan, Dan lives his life by the schedule of the fruit seasons. Cherries, apples, pears, raspberries. It’s a full time job and the orchard has been in his family for generations. At 37, Dan’s three sisters and his grandparents would love to see him settled and happy, maybe well on the way to bringing about the next generation to take over. Dan doesn’t disagree that he needs a wife and he thinks he knows exactly what he needs. Someone smart, grounded, someone who will stick around because being an orchardist is a lifetime job. The last thing he needs is a drifter with a tattoo and a nose ring….even if she is beautiful.

Dan and Lucy are so fun. I really do love a good opposites attract story and this is definitely one of those. Lucy certainly doesn’t live life tied down, she’s originally American but she’s lived in many places and has never felt the urge to be tied down before. She’s picked fruit before but not cherries and the chemistry between her and Dan is obvious from the get-go. They’re very different but I think essentially they want the same thing. Lucy might enjoy her life traveling but it doesn’t take long for the orchard -and Dan- to get under her skin. The two of them bicker and Dan probably fires her about three times but Lucy seems made for the orchardist life. And Dan.

Dan was a bit frustrating at times – some of his views are decidedly 1950s, especially about tattoos and piercings and at one stage in the book he’s pretty savage to Lucy. It’s borne out of fear and loss but what he says is very cruel and Lucy isn’t much better. Dan was pretty close-minded, still equating tattoos and piercings with irresponsibility and rebelliousness even though a vast majority have either or both these days, from all walks of life. Both Dan and Lucy want the same thing from each other but both of them are too afraid to put themselves out there and ask for it – Dan because he assumes Lucy will always move on and Lucy because she feels that Dan doesn’t have a permanent place for her in his life because she doesn’t fit his ‘ideal’ wife. Dan is extremely uptight in the beginning of the book but Lucy manages to bring out the best in him, including a sense of humour.

There are a few orchards not too far from us and we’ve been fruit picking a couple times before as they’re open to the public at certain times. Their cherry season just started as I was reading this book and they were posting for people to come and pick some. There’s nothing better than being able to pick your own fruit – it always tastes so much better and having been to a few orchards, I was sort of able to picture what it might’ve been like. I really enjoyed the setting – it’s the first book I’ve read set around orchards. I’ve read plenty around vineyards but not fruit trees. And the best thing is, this book is the first in a four book ‘series’ of sorts where Dan’s three sisters will also get a story. Having met them all in this book, I can only imagine how fun they’re going to be in their own starring roles!

This is a perfect summer story and I can’t wait to get to Stone Castles now.


Book #179 of 2015


Cherry Season is book #71 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015


One response to “Review: Cherry Season by Trish Morey

  1. michelletw says:

    Great review Bree, I loved this book too. Can not wait for the rest of them

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