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Review: Bound By Their Love by Nicole Flockton

on October 22, 2015

Bound By Their LoveBound By Their Love (Bound #3)
Nicole Flockton
Harlequin Escape Australia
2015, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Blurb {courtesy of the publisher/}

Reclusive, exclusive and world renowned, Jeffrey Courteux might get a lot of attention for his exquisite jewellery, but he keeps his personal life under tight wraps. His solitary life fuels his creativity and keeps him sane, and he’s not willing to give it up — until a pair of sexy legs in killer heels makes hiding away less appealing than it used to be…

Smart, driven and ambitious, Greta Adamas knows she’s the only suitable candidate for vice president of her family’s advertising firm. Landing the Jeffrey Courteux account for his new line of jewellery will only catapult her to the upper echelons of the advertising world, and nothing will keep her from achieving her dreams — not even the overwhelmingly attractive designer who won’t leave her thoughts…

Mixing business with pleasure is always a potent cocktail, but one with consequences. What happens when two people who know what they want suddenly want something completely different — and completely out of their reach?

Bound By Their Love is the third in Nicole Flockton’s ‘Bound’ series. I’ve read the first book before but I somehow missed the second book but overall, it doesn’t really matter. Although characters from the previous two books do appear in this one, you can quite easily read it without having read any of the others. Given I read the first one, it was rather nice to get a glimpse of Luciano and Jasmine again.

But this isn’t their story, it’s the story of Luciano’s friend Jeffrey Courteux, a jewelry designer and Greta Adamas, who works for her father’s advertising firm. Greta has been striving to prove herself to her father ever since she joined the company but her father always seems to overlook her in favour of another (male) worker. Greta has the opportunity to pitch for a huge account, going against her co-worker and she’s determined to land this and show her father that she deserves to take over when he retires.

Greta is smart and ambitious but her father seems to just pat her on the head like she’s just coloured in a particularly pretty picture and then walk away. He has highly outdated and quite sexist views of women in the workforce and seems to be merely indulging Greta with a job until she gets married, quits and pops out babies “as women always do”. Greta doesn’t have much desire to do either and spends a lot of her time trying to convince her father she’s a good choice.

Jeffrey is a reclusive designer who is showcasing a special collection at the request of his friend Luc and both he and Greta are rather surprised at Greta’s pitch to realise that they’ve met before without realising who the other was. Although it was an instant attraction, it was complicated by certain things and now Greta is paranoid that her colleague will have personal ammunition to use against her with her father. Greta’s campaign is by far the most imaginative and creative and when Luciano and Jeffrey make their choice, they both know that they’ll have to work closely with Greta to avoid any interference from her father and her colleague. That throws Greta and Jeffrey into very close contact and it seems that both of them are incapable of resisting mixing business with pleasure.

Although I felt their early interaction was quite brief before what resulted, I quite enjoyed the aftermath when they discover each other’s identities and then Jeffrey arranges for Greta to come and work on aspects of her campaign up where he designs and creates his jewelry. It’s very remote and the two of them get a chance to learn more about the other, including the terrible secret that haunts Jeffrey so much and is the reason for a lot of his self-imposed isolation. They really do connect but it’s also not without issues and complications, several of which are furthered when Greta returns to Perth from Jeffrey’s home and I thought that all played out very well. Greta’s frustrations and disappointments in her father are written with sensitivity and her desire to prove herself wars nicely with her fear that people may assume she got the job showcasing Jeffrey’s jewelry for all of the wrong reasons.

Bound By Their Love is a polished romance with enjoyable characters with well fleshed out backstories. I really liked Greta and Jeffrey the further I got into the book and the complications of Greta’s father and Jeffrey’s secrets made for just enough to give the couple conflict but not enough to take over the story. The little hints we got in this book of Nick and Pamela’s story (book #2) has made me definitely keen to go back and read that one now. Will have to track it down.


Book #152 of 2015



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