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Review: A Time To Run by J.M. Peace

on July 22, 2015

A Time To RunA Time To Run
J.M. Peace
Pan Macmillan AUS
2015, 228p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Summary {from the publisher/}

The hunt is on
A madman is kidnapping women to hunt them for sport.
Detective Janine Postlewaite leads the investigation into the disappearance of Samantha Willis, determined not to let another innocent die on her watch.
The killer’s newest prey isn’t like the others. Sammi is a cop. And she refuses to be his victim.

A Time To Run is the debut novel from a currently serving Australian police officer and it packs quite a punch from the very beginning. It’s a hugely suspenseful ride, as Sammi, a young woman treating herself to a night out after an argument with her boyfriend suddenly discovers herself in a nightmare. Only this is something she won’t be waking up from, she’ll need every inch of her training as a police officer and her wits to get herself out of it.

The narrative is gifted in that it gives the reader a look at the various people that make up such a scenario: Sammi is our victim and her terror comes right through the page. There’s also strength and determination, a huge amount of it and she’s wonderful to read. Apart from Sammi we also get to get inside the heads of the investigating officers and I loved being a part of that. It’s all about the details, making you feel involved and I felt their urgency as well, as they sought their information and gathered their clues. We also get a tiny insight into our madman, a chilling character who hunts for sport and the sheer pleasure it brings him.

This isn’t a very long book but there’s so much packed into it and it honestly makes it so easy to just keep racing through as you become desperate to find out if the investigating police will find what they need to in time in order to save Sammi – or will she be able to use her smarts and training to help herself? Sammi is an amazing character, she’s young in some ways but she manages to really try and keep a level head, tapping into the strength she needs both mentally and physically in order to try and survive. I would’ve liked a little bit more at the end of the story – that section felt a tiny bit rushed and didn’t give up as much information as I wanted but the journey to get there was an emotional rollercoaster, an awesome one. If you like crime novels and if you love a bit of suspense to get your heart racing, definitely pick up this book.


Book #116 of 2015


A Time To Run is book #48 of my Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015

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